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schedule a reading with me

chart readings with me are a sacred experience and i adore them. both of us, inspired by the divine and deeply curious, work together to unravel the mysteries and magic coiled within your birth chart. a chart as unique as your fingerprint.


my intention is to support your process, no matter where you are and no matter how separated/entwined you may feel from your own divinity. i aim to inspire you to vibrate at your own brilliant frequency and to embolden you to seek your highest selves out.


for some, our time together will be a reminder and a check-in. for others we will uncover new things that may begin brand new paths of inquiry. regardless, know that the space we create is confidential and non-judgmental, we can go as deep as we are willing and able to go.


i am usually booked about a month out, please keep that in mind when placing your order and plan accordingly. if you have any questions, send me a note at naimonu@naimonujames.com. if you would like to barter/trade for your reading, check here  to see what i am hoping to barter for right now.


i look forward to working with you!


60 minutes ($175)


40 minutes ($125)