horoscopes for the week of august 28

horoscopes this week dedicated to sedna and cardi b, both who have been giving me so much life over the past few months. 


in an attempt to save himself, sedna’s father threw her overboard into the cold and raging waters of the far north. when she clamored to get back onto his kayak, he cut off her fingers, and when she still would not give up, struck her in the head. as she sunk to the bottom of the sea, her fingers, cut from her only moments before, became seals and she awakened as a mighty goddess. perhaps it was the water that had magic qualities, or it was a timely gift from her ancestors, but somehow sedna, at the most terrible moment of her life, was transformed into more than she could ever imagine.


there is an alchemy to tragedy. have you experienced the way it transforms you? creates a fracture in your timeline? splits things into before and after? for those of us interested in this wild work of transformation, tragedy is a terrible blessing. our wounds are a terrible blessing, and they are our sternest teachers. so we wail when we need to, and pause often, because this work, no matter how empowering it feels for a moment, is a terrible blessing. and sometimes the ignorance seems so much easier, but when you decide to turn toward yourself, to experience yourself fully, how can you possibly turn away?


we are here now, together, so let us learn how to care for ourselves and each other while we do this work. and let us have faith that the work will slowly, but surely bring more and more joy to our lives, more abundance, and that strange contentedness that comes when we trust in the universe, our ancestors, our people, our most divine selves, and mother earth to provide all that we need and then some.


this week, embrace the alchemy, embrace the terrible blessings in your life, and take care of yourself in the process. we can trust that while the sun is in virgo, we will be reminded that we must care for ourselves, no matter how badly we want to accomplish and achieve our goals. virgo knows that channeling the divine is tiring work, and they know that resting is just as divine as well. rest when you need to. you can ask your self/mind/demons to allow you some peace. note the demons that refuse, they are determined to teach you something—listen!


take what works, leave what does not, and check your rising and sun sign.



your presence here, in this life, is meaningful and necessary. all of you, including the curl of your hair, the color of your skin, and all those other things that can seem frustrating limitations from time to time, is meaningful and necessary. no matter how stuck or confused you may feel, how can you settle into your process with a bit more peace? the work is being gentle with yourself through the thick of it, holding yourself while shit is a little too real, and caring for yourself relentlessly. warrior queen pallas sits in your first house and is leading you toward your most empowered you, limitations and all. slowly but surely she is by your side offering you wisdom and deep intuition, striking down your enemies, and reminding you that whether you can see it or not, there is something inside of you worth unearthing and worth facing your most terrible wounds for. stay brave, and listen to the demons who will not let you rest this week. what are they trying to tell you?


meanwhile, relish in the maturity you have come to regarding your career and your security, relish in your schemes and dreams, relish in the discipline that is yours to step into if you wish. saturn and lillith are blessing you with wisdom and perseverance, what plans can you shape to ensure your future is secure? as you work this week, be fearless when setting boundaries with others so that you can always return to your well and rest there. getting your coin is a easy hustle to get lost in, do not forget yourself or your body in the process.



childhood is strange. we gather so much information that takes us years and years to truly comprehend, and often, we recognize that we dealt with more than we ought to have. we may also realize that we are more limited by the family ties we have than we care to admit. what of your family dynamics, traumas, histories, and lineages will you carry forward, dear aquarius, and which will you gently release? what insecurities have clung to you since you were young that you can set down for good? how is your family/childhood stuff related to your relationship stuff? we learn how to form relationships from the people we are first in relation to, if you are struggling with relationships and you desire to shift the ways you form them, turn to your memories. they have information for you.


pallas and sedna are also here ensuring that the wounds you must navigate will become your greatest strengths. you are a messenger of the heavens, dear one, and you have the ability to shatter outdated relationship models and structures that simply do not serve us any longer. before you climb upon your glittering soap box however, make sure your shit is correct, and make sure you are rooted in yourself and in your heart. so go back, sift through the memories, and use what you unearth to refine the worlds you intend to build with a bit more heart and a bit more empathy.


it takes wisdom to truly understand where our feelings of restlessness and frustration come from, these are also your teachers this week.



what is stuck and wound up too tight within your heart, dear capricorn? what words spoken to you harshly and without care continue to haunt you and remain coiled deep? what do you need to get off your chest so you can move on? speak up this week, even if you are not sure what you intend to say, speak. and listen to yourself, listen to what you need others to hear, that will guide you toward the parts of you that need more care and attention.


meanwhile, celebrate how you have learned your mind slowly but surely over the last couple of years. rejoice in the ways you have learned to calm yourself and befriend your demons. through troublesome and stressful housing and family ish, be thankful for your steel will and clear eyes. whenever i write to you, i see you, on your throne, timeless wisdom in your gaze and a smirk upon your face. you got this, dear one—you always have, keep going keep going keep going.



thank yourself for the ways you have learned to listen more closely to your soul amidst the noise, dear sagittarius. amidst the expectations, social pressure, and fuckery in this world, pause to acknowledge how you have been better able to tune into your needs over the past couple of months. it is no easy thing to care for yourself. as work ramps up for the fall season, how can you ensure you set boundaries around your labor and energy so you are not drained and exhausted? how can you nurture yourself at work? before you get sucked into unsustainable work patterns, mercury returns to your ninth house of higher knowledge to offer you the wisdom you need to ensure your work environment works for you and does not simply use and discard you.


your relationship to food, your body, nourishment, and wellness is deeply rooted in the ways you were raised and the family dynamics you were exposed to. if there are learned food habits or attitudes about wellness that you are ready to gently let go of, release them. and know that it takes work to redefine our relationship to our bodies.



you are more than your relationships and your career dear scorpio and you do not need them to understand your self. within you is a wellspring of creativity and vitality that is yours to unearth if you can only lay down some of your burdens. the relational life you desire is slowly, but steadily, unfolding with the help of pallas, sitting in your house of intimate relationships and helping you find a way to balance your relations with your work. and through the balancing, may you find joy and fun in it all.


mercury’s move back into your tenth house of career offers you the chance to refine your work flow. if there is a dynamic or a pattern that you are ready to shift at work, this is the time to make it happen. go back and edit so you can advocate for what you need at work in order to keep your heart open and your spirit whole. as you build relationships at work and within your social groups/communities how can you gently set boundaries around the labor you do for others? do not get so lost showing up for them you forget to show up for yourself.


you have been maturing when it comes to ensuring your bottom line and getting your coin, pause a moment this week to rejoice in any milestones or big steps you have taken toward real independence and security. it takes discipline to get free!



you are more than people’s rigid notions of you, dear libra. option to expand, grow, thrive, and be cute regardless of any haters attempting to shackle you to your past. you can rebirth yourself at any moment, and if folks want to hang onto past you, that is on them. it is messy work unearthing who you really are and what you truly desire, but do not let the mess scare you, it is a part of the process. the fear, uncertainty, indecision, and triple-guessing are a part of the process too. but remember, your mind need not be an enemy. listen for what is hard to let go of this week, listen for where your criticism goes too far, and watch closely how you speak to yourself, there are lessons for you to learn if you are to become the friend your mind and body need.


your words are a reflection of you, may each one you speak reflect your divinity. that does not mean you have to be kind, there is divinity in rage, wrath, bitchiness, etc. too. but if you speak, may your words be truthful, clear, direct, and honest so you may honor yourself.



stay brave, the universe is not going to send you more than you can handle. as you expand toward your highest self, your demons will rise up to meet you along the way. do not pretend they are not there, do not spend time looking for other routes when you know damn well which direction you need to go, and do not be afraid to lay down and rest when you simply cannot struggle any longer. when in the process of growing, it can be easy to get caught up in the accomplishments and next steps and goals. but your demons are no smaller than anyone else’s dear one, and sometimes you are going to be stopped in your tracks. can you care for yourself even then? even when the feeling of failure may begin to sink in? and when this moment comes, if it comes, rest as much as you need. then remember pallas, working slowly but surely to ensure you gather all of the knowledge you need, even if you cannot see how it will be of use to you.


allow your dream visions of family and home to keep you lifted along your way, allow your desire for economic security to motivate you when you falter. getting your coin is a long-term process, and one that is worth your attention. of course, no hustle deserves to run you ragged. pause often to nourish yourself and stay unapologetic about your boundaries. mercury, your ruling planet, is reminding you to have faith and return to joy often. if there was some fun and lightness you left behind as the sun and mercury slid into virgo, worry not, mercury is returning to leo so you can gather up all the worry-free joy you need to continue on with peace in your heart and determination in your gaze.



mercury returns to leo this week so that you can reclaim anything you may have forgotten along your path. any power, shine, brilliance, or confidence that may have been lost or even stolen over the last couple of weeks is yours to take back. for you are the center of this solar system, dear one, and if the planets must go backwards in order for you to find what you are looking for, that is what they shall do. take this as a cosmic reset button. make a better plan about how you intend to get all of the coin you need and desire so you are secure. make a better plan regarding who you let into your inner circle and set boundaries protecting your light and vitality. may no one undo you, drain you, or bring calamity to your doorstep. when you forget you are channelling the energy of the sun, we all shine less brightly. it is a real responsibility to shine, warm and heart open, liquid sunlight running through your veins ensuring that every word you speak reflects your divinity across the universe. do not take yourself lightly.


be sweet to your mind this week, and pause as often as you need while you do the hard work of expanding. listen to the demons that are attempting to drag you down, they have messages for you—may you be brave enough, and humble enough, to listen.



it will take you time to build the world you deserve, dear cancer. and it will take confidence, not that small confidence that gets swept away by this criticism or that failure, the confidence that only your ancestors can truly give you. when you admit and acknowledge what you must already know, that you are blessed and highly favored, nothing will be able to stop you for long. even the unknown, with its terror and uncertainty, will be unable to cow you. where is your next horizon dear one? has there been a place/city/course of study/belief system calling out to you? pulling you closer and closer until you relent and bravely surrender to your next adventure? for all the feelings and fear, you have the option to explore more than you ever dreamed of. mercury returns to your second house, where you get your most foundational sense of self and confidence, so that you may gather the affirmations and strength you need to bravely step toward your highest self.


may you remember in the midst of your terror and the weight of your uncertainty that you are blessed and highly favored and every step you take will only make you stronger. if you have been acquainted with your worst selves over the past couple of weeks, selves you can barely admit exist, thank them, for they are your most gracious teachers. and if you have no earthly idea how to befriend them, face them, and work with them, may i remind you to reach out and find the support you need?



pause a moment this week to reflect on the ways you have grown in your intimate relationships, dear gemini. whether with friends, lovers, partners, children, or any person you are intimately tied to, note the ways you have matured and give yourself a pat on the back for stepping up. how have you learned to honor the push/pull of relationships and the responsibility they bring into our lives? what space and freedom do you need, bottom line, in order to maintain relations with room to breathe so you are not left feeling suffocated and stuck?


when it comes to your home space and your family, again, make sure you have all the space you need. feel empowered to set your boundaries and be heard, it is great getting more responsible, but do not leave yourself out of the picture. mercury slides back into leo, and your third house, this week so you can reclaim some verve to speak what needs to be spoken—even if it regards your home or family life. of course, balance is paramount, speak your opinions, beliefs, and needs as kindly as you can muster.


if your work/career has been weighing heavy on you, perhaps in ways you may not even be able to understand fully, pause to rest and process as much as you need. whatever demons may take ahold of you this week, they need not stop you if you are humble enough to ask them what they need.



what you are trying to build and put into the world is possible, dear taurus. even through the doubt and fear that no one will like it once you build it, your creation is possible and it is necessary. how can you build up faith in yourself and your visions? your intuition is powerful and your creative ability unparalleled, do not let anyone, even if they are family, make you believe otherwise. as mercury returns to leo, you have an opportunity to be clear with your people about how you would like to be treated as a grown person. you also have the opportunity to empower yourself to build the family life of your dreams, the one you needed growing up.


over the last couple of years you have been slowly uncovering the deepest parts of your soul and bringing them to the surface so you can truly do the work of honoring your highest self. your urges, impulses, and obsessions have many messages for you, listen closely. allow yourself to explore those secret desires percolating within you, i assure you they will likely remain until you sate them.



trust the plans you have in place dear aries, trust that all you desire is coming steadily toward you. have faith, even when your anxiety and restlessness get the best of you. your anxiety has much to teach you, pause to listen to it this week. watch closely for where you are more controlling than you need to be and where you have allowed joy to seep away from you as the summer winds down. mercury returns to leo, your house of joy, vitality, and fun so you can make sure you have gathered the sunshine you need to carry you through winter, do not take this opportunity lightly. choose joy and openness, and choose to radiate that joy outward to others. instead of absorbing their bs and dimming your light, shine brighter. shine relentlessly.


even with your eyes set squarely on your coin, how can you imbue your day-to-day with fun? how can you let nature soothe and inspire you? unlike most, mother nature has more than enough space, freedom, and variety to keep you engaged and relaxed. find ways to be outside this week, find ways to get away from the noise, if only for a moment, so you can remember where you are going and what you are working toward.
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