horoscopes for the week of september 4

i said, mama i want it
mama i need it
i’ve got to have it
i’ve got to have it


she say
it soon come
it come when you need it
it soon come
it come when you ready
it soon come
it come when you able
it soon come
it soon come


and i say
thank you mama
thank you mama
you right
you right
you right


“It Soon Come” by Monica Spirit McIntyre


horoscopes this week dedicated to bessie smith and k for unwittingly (perhaps wittingly) helping me flesh this week’s ‘scopes out in our conversations last week. 


mercury may station direct this tuesday, but i urge you, take it slow. the mutable signs, who revel in not knowing, uncertainty, and multiplicity, are making themselves known, and if we get caught up looking for clarity this week we are likely to make ourselves weary. if you find you are mired in uncertainly, anxiety, and confusion may that be a cue not for your frustration or shame, but for you to take extra care of yourself. so often we are sold the superiority of being minimalist, clean, white, sterile, and machine yet our fleshy, color full, human, smelly, sticky, and viscous bodies filled with feelings and trauma and guts simply do not fit within that illusion. we are alive. and to be alive is to be in a state of transition—a state of uncertainty. this week reclaim your right to be uncertain, unclear, and generally lacking in direction. reclaim that right from yourself when you attempt to rush your process. and when that restlessness threatens to ruin your day, remember—


it soon come 
it come when you need it
it soon come
it come when you ready
it soon come
it come when you able
it soon come
it soon come


it is unfolding, trust that even within the murkiness that neptune is submerging us in this week. perhaps the most important work this week is to listen very carefully. with neptune’s shenanigans*, and also mercury and uranus aligning, we may struggle with information overload. what worked one moment, may be wrong for the next. be supple and open to the reality that all is not what it seems.


while we muddle through this week, it behooves us all to pause and thank the earth for the unconditional support it offers us even while we terrorize it. there is a beautiful trine between pluto in capricorn, saturn in sagittarius, and the sun in virgo holding it down for us, a reminder that we are held here on this planet by the unending compassion and grace of mother earth. even in the muck, there is stable ground to return to.


thank you mama. thank you for a place to gather ourselves in the middle of all this swamp.


thank you mama 
thank you mama
you right 
you right 
you right






*aspects for this week i discuss above—


tuesday september 5, 2017
mercury stations direct in leo
mercury in leo trine uranus in aries


wednesday september 6, 2017
full moon in pisces


week of september 4
sun in virgo oppose neptune in pisces
pallas in taurus trine sun in virgo trine pluto in capricorn 



neptune, a planet that blurs, dissolves, and confounds what it touches, is currently in your first house of self and identity. this is the house where we come to understand how people see us and how we learn to see ourselves. it is also the house where we grapple with the parts of our identity we cannot control, our skin, hair, or body type, for example, and begin to learn unconditional self-love


neptune here can create a core uncertainty about who you are, and you may be in store for many revelations regarding your identity and how it has (or has not) shaped your world. if you can, pause a moment to thank neptune for this uncertainty, while sometimes terrible, it is a powerful message to us that something may need to shift if we are to find stable ground again. what needs to shift so you can feel solid in yourself, dear pisces?  what truths have you been coming to about who you are? who you are not? what aspects of your identity/personality/sense of self have solidified since neptune has been submerging your first house since 2011? what aspects have fallen away? have you been holding onto any parts of your self or your identity that you may be ready to bravely release with a, “nah, that is not me?” wednesday’s full moon in pisces, conjoin neptune is an opportunity for you to release any parts of yourself that need no longer apply to you.


your relationships are a place for you to root into this week if you feel unmoored, the earth is supporting you in shaping your romantic life as you need and bringing it into alignment with the work you intend to do as a messenger of the heavens. when it comes to communicating your revelations however, do not fret if you cannot describe the magic of this week, or if that magic falls quickly into anxiety. you may need to touch the earth and ground often. give yourself permission to get stable, even if you need to abruptly end conversations so you can take care of yourself. this is one of those weeks where having wellness practices can make the difference between magic or mayhem. blessings to you, dear one.



in the second house we learn what roots us into our power and prowess; it is the house where we learn our highest purpose and begin to conversate with our most divine selves. when the second house is solid, we can glimpse the serenity that comes when we know what we are here to do. to have neptune here, making this house murky and the purpose uncertain, must be trying for you dear aquarius. messages ring hollow when they are rootless, yet you are here to share many messages. it seems a choice must be made regarding how you will be in relation to your uncertainty and to the messages you are trying to share. will you pause, gathering yourself, getting to know your most divine purpose while neptune takes its time with you? will you continue on, knowing the words may ring hollow, even to yourself, in the hopes that one day you will string a sentence together that clicks it all into place? will you find somewhere in between? whatever you do, move with intention and honesty. move with vulnerability and heart. move with the courage to say, “i do not know” and “i am wrong” and “i am sorry” as you move through the world. you have immense power dear one, i caution you to use it wisely and with compassion. i caution you to think deeply about the impact of your words, actions, glances, and energy on other people. i caution you to work with neptune to remove illusion from your life so you can make room for real magic, your magic.


what artifice can you release this full moon? where are the lies within you? if you ponder this and nothing comes up, keep it moving. if something does, can you sit with what neptune may be trying to tell you? she is never straightforward, but she is a blessing to be in conversation with anyway. she is working with you to build your glittering soap box from the ground up, to create a foundation that will stand the test of time and rarely fail you. you are as special as you feel you are, but if you charge forward on shaky ground and lacking awareness you may destroy us all. be mindful, dear one.


when you are feeling unmoored, return home often and reset. return also to your body and gather any physical and sensory pleasures that may bring some ease along your journey. the sun, pluto, and goddess pallas are offering sweet stability this week, access them by delighting in your intimate relations, your sexuality, what feels good to your body, and your home. because the tides are shifting so quickly, make sure to attune yourself to the electricity of the moment. sparks of insight and intuition will guide you more than theory this week.



words and communication may be foggy this week, do not rely too heavily on them to express yourself. as neptune submerges your third house, the house we rely on to communicate and share our ideas with others, you are in the process of releasing the truths you thought were true but are not. information that you thought was reliable may have revealed itself to be illusory at best. these revelations may have induced intense journeys of discovery so you can understand your world anew. wherever you are, can you release what you think you know to make room for much higher knowledge? regardless of what information comes to light, how can you be resilient and ready? neptune is calling you to get supple, dear capricorn, will you answer her call and release? can you forgive? use wednesday’s full moon to let go of some hurt, likely delivered with harsh tongues, that need not be a wound forever. if you need to hold folks accountable, do so, but the energy of this moon seems strongly inward. what support can you provide yourself so you can forgive those who have hurt you? the more you can release, the more room you will have for the divine relations and partnerships you are being called to.


and you may have hurt many with your tongue as well. you may have believed so strongly in something you felt it gave you the right to harm another. if neptune has gifted you with revelations around words you spoke that did not serve you, and that may have been rooted more strongly in projection than truth, do you have the strength, wisdom, and humility to say sorry?


if you feel unmoored this week return to your creative process, return to nature, and return to your spirit. do what feels good, and challenge yourself to listen deeply to your heart. you are currently on a spiritual journey, the explorations and wonders you come to along the way can be a source of stability and calm. if it becomes too much this week, wander about, root yourself back into joy, and carry on dear one.



what felt safe and familiar yesterday may feel strange and confusing tomorrow, dear sagittarius. while your concept of home, family, tradition, and lineage undergoes neptune’s flood, may you have the wisdom to create a home within yourself so unsinkable that no thing can drown you without your consent. you can become a temple for yourself to return to often, but it takes work to become safe enough and calm enough to rest within. how have you learned to comfort yourself? which habits, routines, and patterns must leave from your life and your body if you are to have one place in the world you can return to always? this wednesday’s full moon is calling you to reflect on the ways you have created a home for yourself, especially within your body. reflect also on the ways you have learned to build family and provide safety for others. the roots you are slowly pulling out of neptune’s waters can hold you and yours for an entire lifetime if you are willing to get wet in the process.


the earth is calling you back into your body, back into finding joy within it, and to expanding the ways you believe a body should express and be. judgment passed onto others only serves to isolate and limit you, where have you been far too hard on your body? when will you show up and nourish your self?


if you feel unmoored this week find the earthy comforting babes in your life who can hold you down and remind you to be kind to yourself. lord knows you cannot do this work alone! remain supple this week, the energy shifts quickly and it is best to flow with it rather than resist it. if you suddenly find you need time to yourself, or must be upside down, or must have ice cream, trust yourself. be unapologetic about getting what you need to feel at ease and whole this week.



some things, even in the face of fear or potential failure, are worth surrendering to. things like your highest purpose for example, or your creativity, radiance, vitality, and life force. you cannot shape everything in your life, dear one, there is only so much you can prepare and there is only so much security you can plan for. neither neptune, nor life, will hesitate to remind you that security, especially when it relies on broken, outmoded, outdated, and oppressive systems, is an illusion. in the face of that illusion, you have the option to get supple, flexible, and open to another course of action. neptune is inundating your fifth house of vitality and creativity, and you will have to fight if you are to resist living a life where the days slip into each other and you are exhausted. you will have to allow yourself to sink deep into your own waters so you can recreate yourself anew. if you are brave and willing, reflect on what you believe is blocking your creativity, reflect on why you believe that thing/person/place/idea is blocking your creativity, and make a decision about whether you would like to remove that block or if you must struggle with it a little longer. whatever you decide, walk your journey with acceptance, and perhaps joy, for whatever you choose, one day the waters will recede.


the earth is calling you to put effort and work into shaping your career, and ensuring that you can express yourself fully and fearlessly at work. listen closely to the messages you get this week that tell you to shroud the parts of you screaming to express, how long will you be able to hide before something must shift? if you feel intense resistance to the changes you are attempting to make in your career and professional life, again, what must shift? struggle can leave you weary, be clear with yourself about the wars you will wage and the ones you must simply surrender to.


if you feel unmoored this week pause to focus on the abundance you have and show gratitude to the earth for providing for you unconditionally. if you can return to what you have and to the fullness of your life, perhaps you will find some peace this week.



regardless of how you move through the world or the attention, adoration, and affection heaped at your feet, you deserve to be well. but being well is no joke and it is not easy. it will take your effort, attention, and strength. you will need to say no to many so you can say yes to yourself, you may even need to turn down a cute paycheck from time to time—remember your spirit is too precious to ever be for sale. when you consent to work, relationships, or conversations that leave you ragged, you are forgetting your divinity and you are setting yourself up for a frayed mind and heavy heart.


this full moon reflect on the last year of your life and be honest about when you let yourself down, be honest about the boundaries you allowed to blur, and the hurt you allowed yourself to undergo because you forgot you are a darling of the universe, protected and divine. the real work this week is acknowledging all this without shame. can you look back on your past selves with a soft gaze and an open heart? you are not your past, and your past selves are here to support you as you move forward, thank them for the lessons they are speaking to you and thank yourself for doing the hard work of loving yourself.


if you feel unmoored this week return to magic, return to sex, and return to your shadow. conjure up a world where you can express yourself fully and rest with ease there, you are never too old to surrender to your day dreams.



you have been gathering strength for a long while yet, dear virgo, solidifying your roots and slowly unearthing your highest purpose. the life you are shaping for yourself is a pleasure to bear witness to. reminder: the goal is not to rout out all uncertainty and come to static peace (is that possible?) it is to engage with the unknown with the honor and respect it deserves. even when it places a shroud over your intimate, committed relationships, give thanks to the work your uncertainty compels you to do. there is only so much shaping you can do when other beings are involved, dear one, sometimes the best thing is to accept what you cannot change about your relationships/ loved ones/ baes and work from there. neptune is calling you to acknowledge you may have more fantasies about the way relationships work than you care to admit. and it may be even harder to admit that you expect your very human lovers, partners, and close friends to fit into these fantasies of yours.


on this wednesday’s full moon, reflect on what you have learned about relationships, what seeming truths turned out to be mere illusions, and the judgements you have passed on your loved ones and yourself for fitting outside your ideas of what a relationship should be. release it and make room for a more divine love based on compassion and understanding, make room for love that is not limited by your projections or shoulds or dream visions of perfection. the magic is in the imperfection. if you are tired of struggling to shape your relationship, stop shaping it. it is a co-creative process, anyway, right?


if you feel unmoored this week, go adventure, learn something new, read words you have never read before, create something for your home, go wandering and allow yourself to be reminded, again and again, that there is always a bigger picture dear one.



the parts of you you do not wish to grapple with have been and will continue to make themselves known to you as neptune dissolves the illusions that kept them at bay for you. as they give way to reality you may have to face the very worst of yourself, your anger, trauma, viciousness, jealousy, pettiness, and on and on. what you must remember dear one, is that even your most terrible self is worthy of your love and respect. have you been nourishing your shadow? acknowledging it? surrendering to the lessons it must teach you? your shadow is a blessing and if you can learn to listen to it with kindness and empathy, you can transform your life.


this full moon, reflect on your shadow and ask what it needs to feel seen and whole. befriend it, commit to loving it, and begin making more room in your life for you to commune with all of your selves when they begin to rile up and pour out of your mouth or your fists. if you are ready to surrender to the shadow work calling to you and to submerge yourself into neptune’s depths instead of allowing her to drown you again again, blessings to you. if you are not ready, blessings to you! all waters recede at some point.


if you feel unmoored this week, return to your wellness rituals and pray often. do not be dismayed if conversations go awry, or if confidence is hard to maintain. continue affirming and continue your rituals, they will see you through.



beliefs you thought would never fail you may be sinking rapidly in neptune’s waters dear one. your journey forward—where to go, and what knowledge you need to gather, may be murky and uncertain. as you slowly pick apart truth from fiction, thank neptune for allowing you to make room for your own expansion and liberation. while the ground beneath you may feel unstable, continue on, the horizon and adventure you are searching for will make themselves known to you. until then, what rigid beliefs about the world are holding you back? where have you allowed yourself to be so judgmental that you are limiting yourself and what you can do in the world? are you clinging to security and exhausting yourself in the effort when it may be easier to simply let go and allow yourself to fly?


this full moon reflect on the journeys and travels you have been on and the knowledge you have gathered along the way. rejoice in the steps you have taken toward your most divine self, even if that self is still quite unclear. rejoice in the journeys you have bravely begun and think deeply about where you have had to become more supple and brave in order to experience your life fully.


if you feel unmoored this week, nourish yourself and strategize about the world you are trying to build. share your fears with folks who can hold space and care for you while you work through your stuff.



you have a divine calling dear gemini, but it may difficult to see it clearly with neptune blurring your house of career. neptune will ensure that any illusions about the work you think you want to do dissolve away to leave more room for your most divine work. if your current work only serves to exhaust you and drains you of your vitality, what needs to shift so you are more aligned with your purpose? how can you navigate your uncertainty with grace? can you trust that one day, it will come to you clearly what it is you most want to do? in the meantime protect your energy and your labor at work and do not let anyone take advantage of you.


pause this full moon to reflect on the strides you have taken in your career, even if you are more clear on what you do not want to do versus what you do want to do. release outmoded ideas about your career that do not serve you, even in the face of pressure from your family to choose one path over another. as you think deeply about how to secure yourself and your home, stay faithful that you are slowly but surely getting clarity around your work and keep going, dear one.


return home and to your roots often if you feel unmoored this week, let conversations with your people soothe you and remind you that all will be okay. continue to grapple lovingly with your shadow and coming into maturity in regards to your intimate relations and partnerships.



communities change. people who you thought would follow a certain code let you down and remind you, yet again, that humans are fickle creatures. the folks you thought would never betray or abandon you, sometimes do, and the people you find home with may be completely different than you expected. neptune is calling you to remain supple as you navigate your communities and social groups. how can you have compassion for the people who let you down, drop the ball, or are otherwise disappointing? all judgement you pass limits you dear one, offer others more space and freedom to be imperfect and you will find room opens up for yourself as well. if your dream visions for the world are also undergoing serious edits, do not fall into despair, you are getting real about what is possible and what is not, and that will create more room for you to shape your world from a place of reality and not illusion.


what outmoded concepts of community and of the world no longer serve you? what expectations of yours have become too rigid for other humans to meet? what edits are you willing to open yourself up to as you shape your world? wednesday’s full moon in neptune is an opportunity for you to release what has hardened so you can make room for a community better than you imagined.


your body can be a safe haven if you are ready, dear taurus. take care of it and it will take care of you this week. nourish and soothe yourself often if you begin to feel unmoored as this week unfolds, take many breaks and pause often. there is no rush.



you are not your past selves, dear aries, you can rebirth yourself and begin anew at any moment. however, your past selves do have messages for you and advice to offer, how can you find the fine line between pretending you do not have a past and letting your past weigh you down? in the middle ground you can learn from your selves without allowing them to limit you. with neptune in a highly intuitive place in your chart, the more you are able to tune into your self and follow what you feel is true the more divinity you will be able to reap in your life. are you holding onto past selves that need to go? does what you did, how to talked, how you acted a year ago have too much say in your life today? reflect this full moon on your past and how you allow it to impact you. conversely, are there parts of your past you have glazed over but are worth pausing to learn from? it is all a balance dear one.


enjoy the fruits of your labor this week, enjoy yourself. even while your mind is on security and your coin, you have likely been working hard and it is okay to play from time to time. thank the earth for keeping you grounded in the work you are doing at work and within your career, for providing you space and time to be well, and for the abundance that is yours to claim if you are willing to acknowledge it.
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