horoscopes for the week of september 11

‘scopes this week dedicated to the folks affected by hurricane irma and harvey here in the US and in the caribbean and to the millions impacted by flooding and un/natural disasters around the world.


We built sand castles that washed away
I made you cry when I walked away
And although I promised that I couldn’t stay, baby
Every promise don’t work out that way, oh, babe
Every promise don’t work out that way


– “Sandcastles” by Beyoncé


the planet is screaming, can you hear her? sounds of cars, drones, airplanes, televisions, refineries, and trees falling may drown her out, but if you cannot hear her, can you feel her agony? her rage? have you borne witness to her terrible punishments?


what is natural about disasters accelerated by our blatant disrespect of our planet? yes, there is some of it that is natural, simply the way particles gather, but some of it must also be the changes in this climate that are quite unnatural.


as the sun in virgo squares saturn in sagittarius this week, the grief of the planet and our divine earth mother is difficult to ignore. heavy saturn in sagittarius, often the idealist, grows weary with the weight of humankind’s errors. if thinking about the world has you tired, you have already felt saturn’s angst.  the sun in earthy virgo seems to highlight our disconnect from this planet. virgo is an earth darling, here as a steward of this planet. virgo cannot access their incredible power if they are unable to connect intimately with the earth. as the sun moves through virgo, we are each called to reconnect and acknowledge the immense power and importance our world holds in our lives. listen when together saturn and the sun call us to acknowledge that we are in a dire situation, one where it seems all odds are stacked against us. we are headed toward a future where we will look back and wonder, why did we not do something? anything? why did we trust a system we knew sought to destroy us? why? why? why?


but i believe we can heal. i believe in the depths of my heart that if we can each shift our relationship to the earth, if we can each step up to the divine love affair we consented to when we chose to be born here, at this time, then we can heal this planet. what would it mean to treat our earth as a lover/intimate friend/ancestor/family member worthy of love, respect, and nourishment?


if we are going to heal, let it be glorious.


i am calling myself to action, i am declaring my love, and i am determined to heal my relationship with this land. join me, please. let us co-discover and rediscover and learn from the love warriors already fighting for our planet. i invite you to get curious and willing to explore what a healthy relationship with the earth can look like.


take what works, leave what does not, and make sure to read your sun and rising sign. 



as you gain clarity regarding your career and the work you are here to do, how can you restructure your intimate relationships so they can expand with you? watch closely this week for what needs to shift and come into balance if you are to invite people into your fold while also honoring your divine hustle. you are being called to do a lot dear pisces: to somehow build up your security and stability, go after your dream work, and leave your heart open to your lovers and your people. rest and pause often. allow the tensions and struggles that may come up this week to cue you to what remains out of balance. there likely remains work to do (does this work ever end?) when it comes to ensuring you are centered and grounded in all that you are attempting to accomplish. can you pause a moment to remind yourself that you are of the earth, stable and strong? if you feel uprooted or ungrounded, keep reminding yourself of the divinity you are made of.


as the sun lights up your 7th house of intimate relations and partnerships, what have you learned about relating to and caring for another? what will you do differently this time around? what do you hold sacred in your love relations that must be honored if someone is to get close to you? jupiter is supporting you in building with those you find comfort in and in creating boundaries around your love so you are not too distracted from the work of securing yourself and getting your coin correct. nourish yourself through this time of change and transformation and be gentle with your imperfections—it is all unfolding.



saturn has been sitting in your 11th house calling you to come into the truth of yourself, the truth of your visions, and the truth of your power. this week, you may have to grapple with your shadow and the ways it has impacted your relationships. if you are held accountable for your actions, are you brave enough to sit down and listen? your growth and expansion is being guided by beneficent jupiter who is sending you teachers to wake you up to your power and prowess. who are the teachers in your life, dear one? they may not always come as kindly as you would like, but can you listen anyway? for all of your ideas and opinions, you will find yourself lonely if you are unable to truly hear what another person is attempting to share with you. you will find yourself weary if you are constantly laboring to change other people’s minds and convert them to your point of view. whilst you play with your theories and thoughts, remember that your heart is more than enough to begin building deep relationships with other people who can see you and hold you. where can you do less?


while you re-build your roots and come into deeper understandings of yourself, (re)create self-care routines and rituals that allow you to stay grounded and connected with the earth. (re)turn to sex, sexuality, and your inner witch to call in the magic you need to manifest peace and stability in your life. allow the earth to take on any hurt you can no longer hold onto so you can shift your focus from your wounds to your divine relationships and partnerships with others.



if there is any residue clinging to you, particulalry regarding your career or job, are you ready to release it dear one? if you were/are unable to gain the closure you deserve or maintain pangs of discomfort from the deepening occurring in your career, trust that you are coming to a more honest version of yourself and of the work you are here to do. while you grapple with the challenge of expanding, can you be gentle with yourself through the fears and uncertainties that may come up? the spiritual journey you are on is not easy, it is paramount take care during this time of transition. somehow you must find a way to balance drama at home, deepening commitments to lovers, and the discoveries you are making about your spirit and your soul, it is a lot! find the folks who can hold you down and support you. call on others to nourish you as you have nourished them time and time again. it is called reciprocity. speak what you need and trust that there are those who will hear you.


in the midst of opinions, news, psychic residues, and all the information coming to you, return to the beliefs that keep you grounded and centered. return to your relationship with the earth and continue to cultivate a reciprocal, supportive affair with her. the more you are able to show gratitude to her, the more comfort you will find as you step ever onward along the sacred path that has been laid before you.



no matter the work you do, you deserve to set boundaries around your labor. you deserve to say “no, nope, would rather not,” regardless of the communities you serve. honor and respect move in multiple directions and what does it say of your work if you are asked to sacrifice time and time again for it but you are not allowed to care for yourself? do not sacrifice yourself dear sagittarius, call bullshit on the systems that are more than willing to benefit from your labor and treat you as disposable. you are a light in this world and you deserve to be treated with kindness and respect unconditionally. if you must shake shit up so you can return to your freeness and wildness and right to do work that nourishes you as much as you nourish it, go on ahead and shake some shit up.


may your mantra this week be not today, satan. if you find your workplace/school/toxic non-profit/cool start-up is unwilling to meet your needs, you need not consent to such a relationship. trust yourself this week, trust your intuition, trust your indignation, and trust that your ruling planet, the planet of luck, abundance, and blessings is your protector on this earth and will not let you falter for long, dear one.


the boundaries you set with your work will allow you to continue expanding into relationships that have room for you to grow. if you intend to create home with another, what must shift so you can get to it? if you intend to create a home on this planet, how will you do that responsibly with humility and gratitude?



few signs are willing to grind like you are, dear scorpio. as you work slowly, but surely to secure yourself and give yourself the peace of mind you need, pause a moment this week to show gratitude for your focus and determination. pause to show gratitude to the people and workplaces supporting you in getting free. pause to remember your body and your routines, which should not be sacrificed for work or a cute check. what boundaries do you need to set with your work, and with yourself, so that you can be well? as determined as you are, sometimes you may forget that you are a human that needs rest and recuperation. how can you set up a routine that remains in place regardless of fluctuations in your mood, relationships, or work dramas?


pause a moment this week to reconnect with the earth, and thus, your body. if you have your dream home, dream bank account, dream life but forget to care for your body, what kind of future are you setting yourself up for? if you grind and grind but forget to care for your mind and be gentle with it, you will be ragged while you attempt to enjoy the spoils of your dogged determination. pause to gather yourself, mind, body, and spirit so you can move forward with all of you in place.


do not get so stuck in your hustle that you forget to enjoy the bountiful blessings in your life!



your mind may be your greatest challenge this week dear libra. how can you set boundaries around conversations, news, and/or timelines you interact with so you are not left upset and out of sorts? how can you choose gentle words and conversations with yourself and others this week so you are not running yourself ragged? if challenging conversations do come your way, or challenging thoughts threaten to dominate your day, are you willing and able to listen and accept instead of resisting? as hard as it may be, listening is how you learn and grow. of course, if you are called to speak your truth, speak it with clarity and strength. the folks who can hear you will make themselves known.


as you care for your mind, remember to nourish you body as well. how can you set boundaries with yourself so you do not let your thoughts spin out of control? what rituals and practices can you do to keep yourself peaceful and content? jupiter has spent time in your sign calling you to care for yourself deeply at every level, to make sure you have room to breathe, and to ensure you are not locked into relational dynamics that keep you stuck and craving. make sure you maintain your center so you can maintain your magic this week.



feel free to remind everyone, including yourself, that this is your time dear one. home, family, and work ish may make you forget, but it is up to you to remember that this is your time. pause to celebrate so you are not swept up in stress and distraction. if pausing is difficult, or even impossible this week, why? is your worry exhausting you? are your attempts to control others leaving you drained? are you hustling a little too hard? this week may offer you wonderful opportunities to advocate for yourself and to set boundaries not only in your life, but with your mind. feel free to cause trouble if you are not getting what you need.


as you come into clarity about who you are and what you stand for, notice which relationships you may have outgrown and which are worth growing into. shyness and all, you deserve to conversate with folks who can reciprocate your brilliance, thoughtfulness, and grace. use this time to set the tone for your next solar year, who are you determined to build with? what relational patterns are you determined to break? how are you getting free? build with folks who allow you to be vulnerable and make room for your heart to bloom, you deserve such sweetness.


you are of the earth dear one, return to your center, return to your inner nature, and cultivate your love for this planet. she has always mothered you, and you always have the opportunity to acknowledge and show gratitude for her nourishment.



as you orient yourself for the coming year of your life, pause often to recharge and return to your center. the beautiful thing about being the sun is that you can be your own source of fuel. but if you do not know what gets you going and brings a spark to your life, how will you know where to begin? if you feel drained or weary this week how can you soothe yourself so you can reground and regroup? while you may radiate much energy outward, you have a right to gather that energy around yourself so you can get comfortable and secure.


listen closely to your words this week. what are you putting into the world? what energy are you transferring when you open your mouth? you are responsible for the energy you bring into a space and for the harm you may cause to others by allowing your words to leave you too quickly and too harshly. jupiter, while a planet of blessings, is also a planet of excess. where have you been a bit excessive in your speech? if you find your words are not reflecting your divinity, are divisive, or are harmful, what support do you need to be more mindful?



note when you find yourself distressed, out of sorts, and/or ungrounded this week. also note when you are able to stay calm and content—where are your rituals supporting you and where do you still need extra attention? yes it would be nice if you could just wake up and be cute and calm and never worry about a thing, but that is simply not the case for most earthlings. continue honing in on the rituals, habits, and daily tasks you need to be well. continue nourishing yourself and nurturing yourself as much as you are willing to nurture others. you deserve to experience the bliss of your company, dear cancer.


the work this week is to quiet your mind. if that proves impossible, note that, awareness is a great place to start. note the moments, conversations, and people that get you agitated and riled up, note when you are able to get some peace. find some ease this week dear one.


as you strengthen your roots and build security for yourself, this is the time to think big about what your next steps are career-wise. how can you channel your brilliance to add to your coin? if an idea comes to you, take time to plan it out so you can return to it when/if you are ready to bring it to fruition.



how can you honor your right to a peaceful home/family life and to peaceful relations with another? while the two may be in tension from time to time, this week is sending you lessons regarding how to find a bit more balance. as you navigate, return often to your empathy and to your highest self, they can guide you. return to the power of vulnerability to soothe and persuade others to see things from your point of view.


this is a time to nourish your hustle and to continue planting seeds of love and attention so you can cultivate the career you truly desire. it may take some time, but toil where you are so you can set yourself up to bloom when you come into deeper clarity around your work. as you prepare to bloom, what boundaries do you need to set with your family, inner circle, and at home so you are not missing out on important opportunities? while home may be a place of comfort, there comes a time when you must risk discomfort so you can grow in the ways you need.



if you are working hard dear taurus, make sure you have ample time and space to play. watch for where exhaustion may be creeping into your daily life and protect yourself from those who want to sap your energy and your labor for their gain. watch for where you are unfair to yourself and dishonest about your capacity. if you need to rest, rest. trust that you will be able to build the security you need and that your progress will not evaporate if you pause to catch your breath. jupiter has been supporting your work ethic and discipline, but sometimes jupiter can take it a bit too far, feel free to dial it back if you need more time to play and to create just for you.


you have a right to shape your career to be as creative and free as you need it to be, keep getting brave about the work you can do and your ability to shape your community for the better. it may take a long while to build, but slow and steady works just fine. as you think about the communities you desire to shape, make sure you are not sacrificing your divine right to create for the sake of creation. not everything you put into the world needs to be productive, beautiful, or useful. make what you want to make from time to time.


as a darling of the earth, the power you are able to claim once you settle into a relationship with our divine earth mother is awe inspiring. use your keen senses and sensitivities to delight in her bounty and glory. honor her and thank her for the ways she shows up for you. trust your own earthiness and luxuriate in the ways you channel the most sensual, delightful aspects of this planet.



regardless of what is going on in your relationships you have a right to be well. as you expand, stretch, and grow into your most divine self, how are you taking care? if you have been talking about your need to take your self-care seriously and make it more consistent, this is the month to make it happen. earthy, detail-oriented virgo is supporting you in being proactive rather than reactive in your life so you are not constantly having to sacrifice yourself for surprises you cannot plan for.


you will need to be whole as you continue deepening your relationship to yourself and the inner workings of your mind. pay close attention to what leaves you drained and ragged this week, you need not consent to anything or anyone that saps you of your vitality.


jupiter is supporting you in bringing fun, play, and spontaneity into your relations. be in joy with another this week, show up in your relationships so that you can be engaged in a reciprocal healing process that will support you as you grow. be brave enough to be vulnerable and sweet with your people this week, the more comfort you are able to find in your relations the better.


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