horoscopes for the week of october 16

Baby you understand me now
If sometimes you see that I’m mad
Doncha know no one alive can always be an angel?
When everything goes wrong, you see some bad


But I’m just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood


Ya know sometimes baby I’m so carefree
With a joy that’s hard to hide
And then sometimes again it seems that all I have is worry
And then you’re bound to see my other side


But I’m just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood


Nina Simone “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”


horoscopes this week dedicated to Nina Simone and to jupiter in scorpio, who is already making themselves known.


take a deep breath.
and another.
and another.


when you breathe deeply the entire universe sparkles and even if you cannot see the beauty your breath, someone else surely will. that is how you can be a blessing to yourself and another today.


so breathe.
and bless you.
and thank you for blessing me.


once we are able to tune into our natural cycles, our ebbs and flows, we can align our lives to our inconsistent, deeply human selves instead of growing weary trying to grasp at the illusion of consistent, seamless output. when we are honest enough to admit we are going through it, we can choose to slow down and rest instead of stressing about commitments we ought not to have made considering our energy levels and needs.


so, as the moon disappears from the sky to care for herself and moisturize (as we should all do when the moon is in libra, and always, to avoid the sin of ashiness); i ask you, reminding you that jupiter has moved into scorpio and it is now time for honesty no matter how raw or inconvenient, how are you?


the libra in each of us grows so weary, so bruised, and so tired from time to time. pause this week feel where you have fractured and cracked. feel where you have grown hopeless and disillusioned. above all else, be honest. honesty alone is more than enough magic for this moon.


if you have the energy and the will, ask for what you need. set a boundary you have been meaning to, knowing pluto sits beside you, adding strength and steel to your words. if pluto’s assistance offers you the clarity and realness to say, “i am too tired to do a damn thing,” bless you dear one. can you find the support you need to be in your truth?


let us honor jupiter’s call to honesty on this first new moon during their time in scorpio and be honest.


honest enough to name our needs,
honest enough to say no,
honest enough to admit our weariness.


no matter what you are feeling, no matter what tiredness has seeped deep into your bones, be kind to yourself and your process. allow yourself to unfold without rush or frustration.


while mars remains in virgo for just a few more days there is still a deep need to model the earth mother and her ways of simply being. she blooms when she blooms, she decays when she decays, and she does not waste energy wishing to be at a place in her process that she simply is not. can you allow whatever processes occurring in your life, whether spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially, or professionally, to happen?


it is a precious and difficult thing to allow ourselves to simply be, but i think we deserve it.


new moon blessings,




four(ish) questions for new moon in libra october 19, 2017 at 2:13 pm new orleans time:


am i weary? what/who has caused my weariness?
where does weariness live in my body?
how can i care for myself with just a little more compassion?
is there a boundary i am ready to set? a decision i am ready to make? a need i am now brave enough to name?


take what works, leave what does not, and check your rising and sun sign. if you are curious, your moon sign may be interesting to check too! 



intensity can be intoxicating, it can render the mundane a bleak landscape and once experienced it may be difficult to resist. if only for this week, be here on this earthly plane and check yourself after a year of jupiter expanding one of the most soul-wrenching places in your chart. if you are called to experiences that leave you changed forever, woe be to those who stand in your way, but just in case you have not been asked, do you need to rest? are you well? how are your feet? how is your belly? are you eating as healthy as you can? are you getting enough sleep? if you find you are unbalanced or out of sorts use the divine balancer of the universe, sweet libra, to create the boundaries you need to be well no matter where you voyage. if you need extra support to create space, freedom, and balance in your life, find it. if you are to expand as you intend to you may need a lot support along the way. start with honesty and the rest will unfold beautifully.



it is difficult to be free and also to love deeply. it is difficult to love responsibly while lusting for another. it is difficult to love expansively if you are unable to be upfront and honest with all those you entwine with about what they can expect from you and what they cannot.


if there is one to carry us forward into loveships that liberate us and empower us to be free, it is you, dear aquarius. and yet, if a bridge is not built to this freeing love, if you are not patient with yourself and your lovers, you stand to wreak havoc along the way and hurt many in the process.


patience. patience with yourself and all those around you who are painfully human. to move slowly toward a freedom you can feel viscerally must feel like a punishment from time to time, but if you tilt your head just a bit, can you see the deep compassion and generosity one must possess to be patient with others as they figure out how to get free? can you see the wisdom of one able to recognize they still got a whole lot of shit to figure out their damn selves?


may every step you take be one taken in kindness.



those wise enough to receive your blessings gain enormous value in their lives. some people will be able to acknowledge this and others will not. it is up to you to decide what you do when you realize a lover, partner, friend, family member, and/or boss is blind to your blessings. it is up to you to protect your resources so that only those truly worthy receive them. not all can or should have you. not every job deserves the best of you. not every movement deserves all of your energy. not every lover deserves your devotion.


it is a long process to acknowledge your own divinity, take a moment to pause and take stock this week. how have you aligned your life to better acknowledge what you bring to the table? how have you created boundaries around the greatness that flows from you so casually far too many take it for granted? and perhaps the real question is, if you are weary, how can you pause to catch your breath and wait patiently while all of your parts catch up? reminder—wherever you are in your process is exactly where you are supposed to be.



liberating your relationships from outdated roles and oppressive expectations is difficult work dear sagittarius. perhaps even more difficult is aligning your personal relations to reflect your highest ideals and beliefs while staying patient and compassionate. if you are tired from the work of creating better kinds of relationships that actually have room for you and yours to live fully in yourselves, rest. especially if you have found resistance to the divine work you are attempting to do.


whether romantically, within your family, or at work, do you know when to tap out and take a nap? do you know when to slow down and recuperate? shaping is so tiring, permission to rest if that is what you need.



relationships built slowly over time with persistence and care are truly divine and they must also be quite exhausting from time to time. intentional loving is not easy, wanting to align your loveships/relationships/partnerships with what you see as divine, abundant love is not easy. not to mention how much brokenness you will have to hold for others while they figure their shit out and step up to the loving you are offering. not to mention how much brokenness you will have to navigate within yourself before you can step up to your highest kinds of love.


allow yourself to be weary this week if that is how you feel. and if you have space, begin thinking about what boundaries you can set a bit better and how you can get more clarity about the love labor you are consenting to when you entwine with another. just because you can endure more than most does not mean you necessarily should, dear scorpio. pause a moment this week to get honest with yourself about the state of your relational life so when you are ready to take action you can do so with clarity, confidence, and power.



the world is a tiring place dear one, especially for those sensitive to injustice and imbalance. permission to be tired. permission to be over it! permission to take a step back from all the goodness you put into the world and your love labors so you can moisturize and tend to your roots. permission to let rude people be rude and to keep it moving instead of wasting your energy and your breath to teach them a lesson. some days it is truly an accomplishment to take a couple of deep breaths. some days it is more than enough for you to snack and lounge. if you need more rest days, how can you build them into your calendar?


you have a unique rhythm that is just yours and from time to time you simply will not be able to produce how you want to, or relate how you want to, or fight on behalf of those who need you. it is not that you are having an ‘off’ day, you are simply listening well to yourself and adjusting accordingly.


repeat after me,


today i am listening well and it seems i ought to snack/ sleep/ hydrate/ moisturize/ [activity] all day, sorry i cannot do x,y,z, but i assure you i am still dazzling.



as the ground begins to freeze in this hemisphere, now is a great time to reflect on your growing season over the last couple of months, earth priestess.


what did you grow?
what did you harvest? and was it enough?
when weeds threatened suffocate your growth, how did you deal with them?
where did nothing grow despite your best intentions?
who helped you with your garden?


now that the harvest is complete (or slowing down at least!) you have an opportunity to reflect on what has come to fruition over the last couple of months. as with any garden, there will likely be moments of fullness and joy, there will also be pests, weeds, and death that may have ruined what you intended to cultivate. perhaps you had to change plans, perhaps, for this growing season at least, you had to simply accept that it was not time for you to grow what you intended. perhaps most importantly, there are people who have stood by your side and helped you refine so you could come into deeper, truer versions of yourself. now is a wonderful time to give thanks and show gratitude.


if you live in a place where the ground is warming up, then what do you intend to grow and how will you stay supple and responsive if death, pest, worm, disease, or weed comes after what you are cultivating?



the commitments you make are sacred, dear leo, do not make them lightly. even when those commitments become inconvenient, annoying, or foolish, they are sacred and worthy of your respect. if your commitments have you a bit tired or weary, pause this week to rest and catch your breath. if you can, think of some ways to communicate your needs and more importantly to listen fully to the needs of others. be honest about where you can show up and where you may not have to tools, resources, or energy to. it is okay to be limited. it is okay to not have any more to give. the more honest you can be about your limitations, no matter how much pride you may have to give up in the process, the better off you and yours will be.


you are cherished simply because you exist, not because of all the ways you show up for those you care for, remember that!



your rhythms and cycles are sacred, dear cancer. they are worth tuning into so you can begin to gather more clarity about when you have energy to expend and when you will need to rest and be still. once you learn your cycles, you can adjust your life to match you instead of attempting to be at someone else’s pace or timeline.


pause a moment this week to take note of where you are in your unique cycle and intend to be honest about what others can expect of you, and more importantly, what you can expect of you. you will not always be able to nourish, nurture, care for, and show up for those who ask you to, and that is just fine. you may have times where you are simply exhausted, and that is just fine. trust that you are simply where you are in your cycle and that when you are done with that phase, you will shift elsewhere. when the feelings inundate you it can seem like there will be nothing else, that you will always feel that feeling, but you and i both know that is not true. it will pass, dear cancer, be where you are and allow yourself to unfold in your own time. the sweetest gift you can offer yourself is patience.



what people applaud you for and what you truly want to do may not always align, dear gemini. praise can be a trap. likes and heart eye emojis can be a trap. do not be swayed dear one, whatever it is you wish to put into the world, intend to do it. if you find you are scattered trying to please many while doing what you need to do, pause a moment this week to catch your breath and reorient. the hustle is real and it is exhausting from time to time. so pause and take some extra care of yourself. for all the healing you put into the world, do not forget that it is you who needs much of your healing energy and sweetness.


you can create and re-create yourself at any time. you are your canvas, if there was no audience, no noise, no emojis, who would you craft yourself to be?



you belong fully and completely to yourself dear taurus. no one can move you without your consent, no one can delight in your presence without your consent, and no one can have access to your excellence unless you say so. do not hesitate to remind those who forget. saying no and reminding folks to honor and value you can be truly exhausting. pause a moment this week to check for weariness.


allow your weariness guide you, it can offer you many truths. truths like it may be time to change your environment to align with your needs a bit better, truths like those folks you want to value you may never do so, truths like you ought to put more of your magnificent resources to work for you instead of other people.


if you are too tired to act for now, do not act, there will come a time for you to do what you need to do. if you are ready, then go on ahead and shift what needs shifting.



it is okay to be tired of everyone and all their stuff. it is okay to be done with the foolishness, basicness, and silliness that keeps folks stuck and stagnant. be honest about what future visions you have for yourself, particularly regarding your intimate relationships, and be supple enough to change things up that are no longer working. not everyone will have what it takes to journey toward the future you have conjured for yourself. not everyone will have the same future visions you do. if you intend to maintain your relationships, compromise may be in order. if what someone has in in mind is simply too divergent, be kind enough to name it and allow them to reorient their expectations and come to their own decisions too.


you have enormous value that is only yours, not wrapped up in who you are entwined with. do not forget that you have what it takes to move powerfully through the world even if it is time for you to go it alone. do not forget that you are free.


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    Gratitude Marguerite for guided me to Naimonu James. Thank you Naimonu for taking the time to deliver your downloads of astrological divination to and for the people.

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    Loving the audioscopes! Thank you for the time stamps!

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