horoscopes for the week of october 30

you can listen to this week’s scopes here! please let me know if you like the audio format and i will do my best to keep recording them each week.

horoscopes this week dedicated to you, dear one. i needed some time and you were so gracious in allowing me to go quiet for a moment. every emoji and sweet word you sent my way only reminded me of the truth of my work, which is simply to reflect your divinity back at you. bless you and thank you for your kindness, i will cherish it for a long time to come. 


the choice to live is no small thing, and we must find ways to support ourselves (and each other!) on this journey because there will be days when our despair threatens to consume us. days when our softness will feel like weakness because our heartbreak feels too great to bear. days when we will curse our tenderness and miss the armor we chose to lay down so we could move more freely.  there will be days our minds will grow frenetic and frustrated and breath will be hard to find.


days when our weariness will get the best of us.


and on those days we will need something to turn to so we can remember why we have consented to this work, a reminder of the joy we are attempting to live fully within. something to root us back into our commitments to align ourselves with our highest purposes and to treat others with compassion and respect.


y’all, some days we are going to need something that will keep us going when we are unsure we can go on any longer.


then we will remember taurus and shout in delight, for it is taurus who knows that existing is more than enough. who knows the power of song and dance to bring us joy on the coldest nights. dear taurus knows that sometimes getting comfortable is more than enough work for one day. it is taurus that remind us that work without the promise of a warm bed and a delicious meal is probably the wrong work to be doing.


as the sky goes dark and the weather turns cold, may we remember our inner taurus and allow them to pull us toward joy too easily forgotten. this saturday november 4 at 12:23 am new orleans time, when the moon grows heavy in taurus, be joyful. indulge in what truly makes you happy to be alive. set aside your work for a moment and do whatever it is that puts a smile on your face and roots you into glee. if cannot think of that one thing that enlivens you, find someone who can support you in this crucial work. as hard as it may be, as silly as it may seem, be joyful. if that is simply too hard for you to do, and you would like for it to be a bit easier, what needs to shift so you can access your joy, your birthright? how can you step up for yourself this taurus full moon and build that life that allows you to enjoy your existence?


dear moon, 


i pray you shower me with your blessings.
i pray you take me in your arms and remind me that living is not so bad. 
as i watch you doing your tireless dance across the sky may i remember that i can dance too. 
when i hear how the night bursts into song upon your arrival, may i remember that i can sing too. 
and as i lift my cracked voice to you in thanks, may you take my offering, for it has always been you who reminds me how sweet life can be. 


in adoration, devotion, and gratitude, 


full moon blessings!


p.s. questions for a full moon in taurus


what does joy look like for me?
how do i cultivate my joy?
are there blocks to my joy? if so, what/who are they?
where is there already joy in my life? (as in, what am i grateful for?)


take what works, leave what does not, and check your rising and sun sign. if you are curious, your moon sign may be interesting to check too! 



rejoice in the church of your self, dear pisces. reclaim your faith in the power of faith to transform even the bleakest landscapes into lush wilderness. reclaim your right to believe in something greater than what can be seen. reclaim your ability to see more and feel more than most, and release the need to apologize for the magic that flows so casually from you.


reclaim your divinity and surrender to your intuition. listen even if it tells you to release your grips on identities that no longer have enough room for you to live freely. listen even when it tells you the work you thought you most wanted to do is simply no longer aligned with your deepest truths. listen even when it tells you it is now time to wander toward your own liberation without apology, that it is now time to be lost. release what holds you stuck, even through the fear and uncertainty that grips you. you will be delighted to find that when you truly let go, when you truly surrender into alignment with the universe, that it will cocoon you in safety you have never known and offer you certainty you have only dreamed of.


do not rush yourself dear one, be exactly where you are in your process, and trust that the universe will always receive you with joy, no matter how long it takes you to return home.



despite the wars you wage and the journeys you are on, you must create a home worth returning to when you need to gather your strength to carry on. whether that home is physical, spiritual, emotional, or lives within those you love, it deserves your attention and nourishment. the effort you put into making it solid and strong will hold you up when your world begins to turn upside down.


your home need not look like the one you grew up in, it need not repeat relationship dynamics that create restriction where there should be release. it need not fall into the trap of appearing normal when, dear one, we both know you are simply not.


as you align yourself with your highest truth be honest about your relationship to sex, money, and power. be honest if you are recreating oppressive power plays and manipulations. be honest if you are pretending to be more aligned with the universe than you are. the time for pretending is over, dear one.


you are encoded with liberation, your body holds world changing revelations, is there really a need to pretend any longer? instead of putting your energy there, may i suggest you put it towards finding your power and purpose? and that work takes you away from the communities you thought you would serve or the friends you would always have, may your determination to be free carry you onward.


it is your mere existence that lights up the world, dear capricorn. just that, not your competence, your commitment to excellence, your sense of responsibility, or how you step up when you are needed. if you lived a childhood that was more of a young adulthood, do not forget that you can create your reality at any given moment. if obligation weighs heavy on you and you yearn to be less on the hook, may i suggest you be less on the hook? it may take you out of the spotlight for a moment, but it may also allow you to reclaim your right to create and be at ease. it may allow you to reclaim your right to be impractical and focus on keeping yourself occupied and joyful.


when you are struggling to carry on, it is your ability to create that can save you. when your obligations threaten to crush you, it is your willingness to dance and sing that will give you the wisdom to move on to more solid ground. it is not realistic to shrug off all that you carry, but if there is anything you could care a bit less about, if there is someone who creates more mess than harmony in your life, who adds to the weight you already carry— perhaps it is time to do less. and as you begin to make room in your life, may you have the wisdom to fill that space with what delights you and brings you glee.



when your blaze slows to smoldering embers, how is it you keep your inner fire going? what is it, buried so deep within you that allows you to carry on? is it faith? belief that there will be a better day?


that faith is more powerful than you can imagine, dear sagittarius, and that same faith carries the secrets of joy. what if, instead of waiting until you were in crisis to return to that faith, you began to work with it? it is worth your attention and devotion. it will need you to craft rituals and routines around it so that you can learn to cherish it and find strength in it whenever you need. one day it will transform itself into wisdom you can share.


people need your wisdom, dear one. they need that spark that keeps you going on your hardest days, because they have hard days too and may not be able to access the faith you can. they need to bear witness to the rituals and routines you do to keep yourself afloat. even if it is imperfect, can you find ways to share your magic? if you rely on your magic during crisis, can you find ways to make it a bit more solid and reliable so it is ready and strong when you really need it? there is deep divinity in the everyday, allow this full moon to light up that truth for you.



the relationships you nourish will nourish you. when you falter and struggle to grasp at joy, it will be in the eyes of those you love and their tender touch where you regain your strength. your willingness to toil in the garden of your relationships, cultivating exalted, freeing love, will create a palace brimming with luscious magic where you can return as often as you need. over time you will learn how to keep your garden in bloom all year round, and when you begin to master the daily work of relationship building, you will look at what you have grown and realize it no longer needs so much of your effort to maintain its splendor. suddenly you will have more time to relish and enjoy the fruits of your labor and the joy of your love/ships.


you can conjure up the love you most yearn for, and there are few who possess the determination and persistence to make it so as you do, dear scorpio. and, you may have to realign what you most value and cherish in this world in order to do so. you may have to reconsider what wealth means. is wealth the amount of money you have? is it the sparkle of delight in the eyes of those you cherish most? is it the pleasure you are able to create with your body? is it power and control over all others? is it freedom from debt? it is loving relationships that withstand hardship?


you can be wealthy in some ways, but not likely in all the ways. it is up to you to choose what gets your resources, devotion, time, and attention. it is up to you what and who gets your love.



you are encoded with joy, dear libra. it lives somewhere within your body, waiting to be released. it lives in the sound of your pleasure, which should be yours whenever you consent to it. it lives deep within your shadow and wails every time you turn away from it when you wrongly believe you lack the strength to face your worst selves. it lives in the freedom you are able to create for yourself through hard work and grace.


it lives buried beneath thought patterns and self talk that are harmful.


if you intend to cultivate a life of ease, you must work lovingly with your mind to shift the ways you converse with yourself. you deserve as much sweetness as you pour into the world. and the shifting may recall memories of a household not nearly sweet enough for you, but trust that you can ease the voices that haunt you and make you feel small. by no means is this process easy, or brief, but are more than worthy of the effort.



the key to your ability to expand is not your keen mind, not the words you seem to live within, or the ritual you do, it is your generosity. if you have found you are uncertain of how to leap toward your next step, find a way to share your gifts and bounty with another. the more you give, surely the more the universe will give to you. the more wisdom you share, the more wisdom will come your way.


when your need for solitude beckons, listen closely, but please return to this earthly plane and continue guiding those who seek your wisdom. teach them how to perfect ritual and craft so they can begin to build the foundation they need to feel powerful. reflect their divinity back at them so one day they will realize that they are divine beyond a shadow of a doubt.


continue perfecting your craft and continue shaping yourself so you may be an example of how to create divinity on earth. when you are able to see that your work, no matter the size of the audience, is transformative, you will lock eyes with your purpose and the universe will shiver in delight with each step you take toward your self.


take many breaks along the way dear one.



dear leo, you will either enter into a relationship with your shadow willingly or it will engulf you. you will acknowledge the parts of your psyche you have attempted to suppress, or they will make themselves known to you through what you project onto those around you. you will answer to the divine work your shadow is calling you to do or you will stay stuck, repeating cycles and patterns from this lifetime and the ones before it wondering when you will find release.


in that shadow lies truths about the work you ought to do, the ways you can share your brilliant ideas with others while honoring yourself. within that shadow exists the home and family life you most want to build for yourself and those you love. if you intend to create the kind of family you most needed growing up, there is much for you to unlearn and heal before you can begin shaping what you seek.


the next time your shadow reaches for you, remember the divine lives in there somewhere, attempting to guide you toward your highest purpose so you can shape yourself with deep wisdom and awareness.



change is a difficult gift to receive, but an unwise one to reject. your willingness to accept the shifts occurring in your life is crucial to your expansion and liberation dear cancer. neptune is calling you to take creative control over your growth but you may need to cut through some confusion to comprehend how you are meant to expand and the knowledge you need in order to do so. do what you need to do to ground into your truth and the reality you want to create. you may have to put aside your rage for a moment, you may have to take a couple steps back so you can see the bigger picture, but you deserve your own careful consideration when it comes to the arc of your life. while you reflect, ask yourself where your energy is going and be as specific as you can. is it going toward power struggles? toward drama? toward shit that has you bothered and annoyed? if that is where you want your energy to go, then put it there. if perhaps you have other things you would like to give your energy to, like resting for example, shift accordingly.


your energy is sacred dear cancer and it is of the moon. do you think she wastes her time, for even a moment, on what does not serve and please her? never. her work is to bring light into our lives and offer us comfort in the darkest of hours. her work is to maintain the natural ebb and flow of our world so there is balance and movement. in fact, her work is to remind us how beautiful change can be, how glorious it is to surrender to the flow of your waters and let the rest go.


where are you not allowing things to flow? and in your resistance, how are you blocking your own freedom and expansion? big questions, but trust this moon, for of all the signs it is taurus the moon adores most. relish in the stability taurus offers and get brave enough to expand past the limits you have placed around yourself so you can get on with the divine work you are here to do.



have you heard the call to heal and be healed, dear gemini? have you felt the urge to release into faith, joy, radiance, and vitality? have you learned you have the uncanny ability to bloom wherever you end up, no matter how strange and unfriendly your environment is? it is okay to want to heal. no matter how cold or severe your childhood, no matter how cut off from the divine, from tenderness, or softness, you have the tools you need to be a comforting and warm soul. you have the tools to nourish and provide, especially through the power of your craft and creativity.


of all signs, it is you who can recreate yourself anew within the blink of an eye. root deeply into your intuition and let it guide you where you need to go. the truth lies not in your mind but your feet, so start from the ground and work your way up. as you allow yourself to feel the truth you yearn for within your body simply bear witness to what comes up.


when you arrive at an answer and wonder, am i worthy? do i have the right? remember that if you let your heart lead the way you will rarely be wrong dear one.



you can build anything dear taurus, including the world you dream of that allows you to be comfortable, secure, and safe. as you head toward your goals, do not forget the parts of you that yearn for a warm bed and a happy home. do not forget the wealth you already have in the people you cherish and who cherish you. if in the midst of working toward stability and comfort you neglect the softness around you, you are setting yourself up for a hard life. tune into the magic of your relationships and the ways they stretch and expand you for the better. root into yourself deeply this full moon and ensure you are giving your relationships what they need to thrive.


as you carry along your path, it is important you stay supple or else you run the risk of losing sight of the bigger picture. as you create, may you be wise enough to know when you may need to change course and try something else. if you find that the same problem presents to you again and again, perhaps it is you who needs to shift.



there is a divinity in learning how to provide for the needs of others even while embroiled in your shit, dear aries. even while coming to terms with what needs to shift in your professional life if you are to align your work with your highest purpose. even while you are trying to figure out how to make the coin you need to be comfortable and free. even in all the noise, it is the wealth you are creating in your relationships that can remind you of how beautiful life can be even in the dead of winter. you possess an incredible spark that can ignite a revolution. have you paused to consider that that same spark can create the warmth of the hearth you and yours need to feel safe and secure during this strange lifetime?


as you consider your wealth this full moon remember that your family’s relationship to money need not be yours. you need not consent to arrangements that will force you to grind in order to make ends meet. be open to reconsidering your options and perhaps consider choosing based not on payoff, but what will allow you to be most free.


do not resist your urge to heal and be healed. do not resist your urge to nourish yourself and others. root deeply into your intuition and allow it to take you exactly where you need to go.


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