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tau: 22:15
ari: 23:47

“any time i am looking to somebody else as my source, i’m coming from scarcity. i am no longer trusting God, or the Universe, for my harvest. it’s reasonable for me to have expectations based on what somebody i trust has committed to. and it’s natural for me to feel disappointed when that somebody doesn’t come through. but when i feel more than disappointment, when i also feel anger, it’s because i deviated from my truth. it’s because i compromised my truth to get what somebody else promised. because when i’m really following my truth, i will be at peace with the consequences—whatever they are. i can accept somebody else’s truth, but i must live my own truth. and sometimes that means walking away from a relationship.”
-Jan Denise quoted on page 336 in Moon Phase Astrology by Raven Kaldera


is there much more to say?


four(ish) questions for a new moon in scorpio november 18, 2017 at 5:42 am new orleans time


knowing that this may change over time and that is okay, what is my truth? how do i behave when i am aligned with my truth? (or, how will i behave when i am in my truth?)


if i am experiencing anger, where is it coming from? who is it directed toward? if anger is being directed at me, what boundaries can i set to reduce harm to myself and others?


if i am called to make shifts in my life, how can i make these shifts and not cause harm to myself and others? for i am sacred as are all beings. am i willing to commit to treating folks with the respect and dignity they deserve even if i am angry/sad/hurt/tired? what does that look like? how will i speak? what behaviors and gestures will i need to watch out for?


how can i get support through these transitions and transformations (for they can be extremely difficult)?


blessings upon blessings and happy new moon in scorpio,




take what works, leave what does not, and make sure to check your sun, moon, and rising sign!



your daily work should please you dear pisces. it should align with your desire to commune with the divine, to cultivate freedom, and to expand your awareness of the world. money is a real thing, and yet uranus in your house of resources joins saturn in your house of career to remind you that the universe will hold and protect you. all you need to do now is be honest about what you truly want to do in this world.


it takes a lot of bravery to release scarcity and follow your heart, and it is no easy thing to seek out the truths you have been in search of for a long time. but you truly deserve to be free, even if that means you must give up some material comfort in order to make room for the transcendent experiences you yearn for.


as you begin to plot your moves forward, remember that the little details and mundane logistics may still be important. your head may stretch toward the heavens but it is your feet that anchor you to this earth, and from time to time you must ground yourself and ensure you are dealing with the day to day practical realities of your life that may be easy to brush over. that includes the wounds you may be carrying with you that you do not want to face. it is okay if now is not the time, but know they await you patiently, craving your love and affection.



you are enough, dear aquarius. even though the world may be deeply imperfect, even though it may feel as though your work has no impact, even if the weight of being alive at this moment in time is sometimes too great to bear—you are enough. and you deserve a work life that allows you to be well and whole and that has room for your psyche. you deserve a home life that allows you to feel at ease so you can recover and return to the work you are doing in the world.
perhaps more importantly, you deserve to unlearn the patterns, habits, and behaviors that have far too much control in your life. you deserve to reclaim your family line and understand where you come from so you can be more honest about who you are and the place you occupy in the world. you deserve to be a good home for yourself.


you may find that there are those who do not value you as they should. those who you try and try to work on behalf of and who still shun you. what are they trying to teach you? for they may be your greatest teachers. while the urge to rage outward is difficult to resist, i say to you, heart heavy with affection, that the amount of rage and indignation you may feel is likely in direct proportion to the wounds you have not yet grappled with.


this is not a week for the mind, dear one. in fact you may find yourself frustrated if you attempt to use logic, theory, and words to gain the truths you need. the solace you seek is within song, it is within the quietness you are able to create for yourself, and it lives in your body. care for yourself deeply, for no matter who in this universe chooses to deny you, you need never deny yourself the love you need and seek.



through all the shifts and movements, the career and home upheavals, trust that you are beginning to find yourself through it all dear capricorn. trust that you are finding a strength and resilience not easily gathered and not easily lost. as jupiter prepares to bless you with friendship, connection, and community, pause a moment this week to contemplate the kind of people you want to call into your life and the communities you truly want to serve. and choose your people not based on how much they need you, but on your ability to be of service to them while honoring the shifts and expansions you are going through intellectually. perhaps more deeply, can you find folks who can make room for the hidden creativity that is coiled deep within you? people who encourage you to create for the sake of your own pleasure whether it benefits them or not? find folks who remind you to listen to your heart.


be honest if there are relationships that need to shift if you are to move freely, especially if they no longer have room for the kind of life you are trying to create for yourself. while it may be inconvenient, now is the time to bring up the stuff you have been holding on to and the hidden urges and desires you may have been denying. if there is an idea that has been percolating in your head that is bold, brilliant, and perhaps a bit bizarre, stop repressing it. it may not be time to manifest it now, but accept the wilder parts of you, and ensure your community is flexible enough to hold all of you when you are ready to share your fullness.


if the mind grows frazzled or frustrated, sink into your heart and allow it to soothe you. rationality simply is not in the air this week, try not to resist the call to release into your flow.



dear one, rationality is overrated. responsibility is overrated, especially when your goodness is taken for granted or worse read as an invitation for unchecked aggression and messiness. ain’t got time for all that. when everyone is running around being rude, when your workplace is unmanageable, when your wellness is being threatened what will you do to stop the cycle? because they are likely going to keep being rude, keep undervaluing you, and keep taking you for granted and you may not be able to control that. what a blessing, because that means less work for you to do. you can control you though, and you can control who and what you allow into you life. boundaries dear one, reminder that this is your year to say no.


if you find the grind is taking its toll on you, that your heart is heavy, and you are uncertain of which direction you will head toward next, i say again, and again, and again, create the rituals you need to stay sane on this earthly plane. accept that you are of the heavens and that this earth shit is hard to deal with. accept that you will need support to move through your day to day life and that you will need to fight to shape the routines you need to be well.


pause a moment this week to find safety and stillness so you can gather your bearings before the world riles you up again.



so begins a new cycle, dear scorpio. one where you have the opportunity to shape the universe to suit you and to put all that you desire into motion. saturn and uranus join together in your favor to inspire you to gather your resources in a way that allows you to be whole and well, even if you must rearrange aspects of your life that impact your money flow. these two planets are not easy to deny, and they are calling you to be whole while you work to get your coin. be open to rethinking what abundance looks like for you and be open to reprioritizing, especially if your intimate relationships and commitments have fallen prey to the stresses and strains you have been going through the last couple of months.


are there any ways of thinking you may be ready to leave behind? patterns and habits that value work and grinding yourself down over your own pleasure and comfort? patterns of getting pulled into mess and drama that drain you of your vitality? allow the powerful energy surrounding your moon to remind you that creating for the sake of your own joy is divine, and it is worth you figuring out how to make room for that in your life. what you create may not be beautiful, it may not be something you can sell to others, but if it gives your joy to lift your warbly voice and sing or to move your hips and dance, may you have the courage to please yourself.


keep simplifying.



you are whole dear libra. even with the wounds, intense family dynamics, overbearing mommies, ancestral trauma, alienation, and uprooting—you are whole. and you deserve love, wounds and all. you deserve your own love. how can you expect another to hold you when you are unwilling or unable to hold yourself?


allow this scorpio new moon to pull you deeply into yourself. no matter how deep you go, may you have the compassion to love all of the selves you encounter. may you shower your body with the love it deserves, especially if those who raised you simply could not appreciate that you are sacred. if you intend to be well in mind, the body must also be involved in your reclamation processes.


scorpio teaches us about personal power and will. it takes immense determination to return to the truth that you are worthy. if you are willing (and if there is a memory that will not let you go) take a moment this week to conjure up the past selves that thought they were alone and small in the world. tell them what they needed to hear but did not. remind them that they have you, and you will not abandon them. send them courage to carry on. send them your love, look upon them with the softest eyes and show up for the past selves that need you, that are calling out to you. this is an excellent week to travel through time and space, dear one.



a lie takes two people: one to tell it and one to believe it.
dear virgo, allow this new moon in scorpio to pull up the lies you have been telling and the lies you have been believing. hard as it may be to admit, if you are to take creative control over your life as you are being called to do, it is time for honesty. do the relationships in your life have enough room for you to expand and shift as you need to? is there enough peace in your home so you have an oasis to return to without being riled up and frazzled? are there unspoken truths that your heart needs spoken when it comes to your intimate relationships and commitments?


honor your wilder parts. cherish the parts too poorly behaved and messy to be tamed by a mere human. love the confusion and the call that pushes you to continue learning about the universe and your place in it. send offerings to your madness, for it will set you free. the strength you need to cultivate the home and family life you yearn for, or to heal the family wounds that may loom large this week does not exist outside of you. the steel will you need to feel your truths and rearrange your life accordingly does not exist outside of you. you have everything you need.


whatever truths surface this week, pause a moment and laugh for you have always felt these truths, no? in the inklings and thoughts upon waking and comments whispered under your breath? remember that next time you deny your intuition the space it needs to do what it is much better than your rational mind at doing—getting to the truth of the matter.



you deserve an oasis upon this earth, dear leo. a place you feel joy upon returning to and where you can commune with yourself as often as you need. this new moon in scorpio is pulling you to think about the ways your were raised, your mergers, the homes you have in the world, and how those three intersect. scorpio is offering you a chance to look at what/who you have bound yourself to and to be honest if you are getting caught up in arrangements that do not serve you. more than that, you are being offered strength this new moon—the strength to shift what needs shifting, even if finances, money, children, power, status, and/or control may be at stake. it is hard, but there are other parts of you which so desperately want to expand and be free, to move light and powerful through this lifetime, that it may now be time to leap toward your freedom.


before you act, pause and root into your feelings and intuitions. do not rush yourself and do not shame yourself for needing time to build your strength and gather your bearings. you have a right to a home space you can be a big as you need to be. you have a right to a relationship with your family, chosen and otherwise, that is grounded in love and support and does not leave you bent out of shape and feeling small. you deserve to unlearn all the stuff you learned from the folks who raised you that may be blocking you from the transcendent love that so clearly radiates from your being. you deserve to take your time.



what do you truly want to create? who do you want to be? and perhaps most importantly, do your relationships allow you space to make those dreams come true?


if there are truths that you have been sitting with and holding back, you may find this week it is nearly impossible to hold them back any longer. great goddess sedna sits across this week’s new moon and is pulling you to get real about your creative potential and the ways you can harness it to be of service to the world. she is also reminding you that repressing any part of you to ‘fit in’ is truly a disservice to your brilliance. remember the moon, dear one. remember that she shrinks for no one.


you deserve to expand into what calls you to greater heights and sacred communion with yourself. if the divine has been tugging at you, calling you to ritual and your ancestors, calling you to release into magic, how fortunate you are! are you willing to make space for the magic attempting to make its way into your life? you will find that as you ride the (turbulent) waves of your career and grapple with the high standards you set for yourself, it is the divine you can always return to and find safety in. ritual, dear one, ritual!


emotions may run high this week, please be thoughtful and move carefully. beware volatility in your home space and/or caused by family-ish. if you feel something brewing how can you be proactive and create some safety plans to ensure you are not caught up in harmful situations? you deserve peace dear one.



your power is yours to claim, as is your pleasure dear gemini. when you allow yourself to relish in your shadow, to delight in your kinks, and to conspire with other witches, you do yourself, and us, a great service. every decision you make to heal yourself heals us too, please remember that next time you consider shifting a boundary or staying up a bit too late or working a bit too hard or forgetting to snack. remember that the next time you need to set a boundary around your work so you can remain well. may you never forget you are human and sacred, even if folks making demands of your time/energy/labor attempt to convince you otherwise. take all the space you need.


this week may be filled with wounds and hurts seemingly arising from nowhere or from pasts you thought long gone. yes, dear one, you are particulalry good at moving on from a thing, and all that remains unresolved must be handled at some point or another. can you make space for whatever weird shit may be coming up? whatever it is, perhaps it is ready to be released if you would only stop resisting and make some room for it.


may you continue creating space to build with folks who exist outside of your love/ships and lust/ships.



may this week’s new moon in scorpio inspire you to fierce honesty in your committed relationships, business or otherwise. no matter how seemingly inconvenient, conjure up a place of safety in another, where there is deep sharing and deep truths that exist outside of judgement or manipulations.


may you have the courage to call the bullshit for what it is this week, especially when it leaves you laboring for way less than you are worth. may you look clearly at the arrangements in your life that rely on your goodwill and work ethic but still cannot hold you and see you as the sacred being you are.


you deserve relationships where you are cherished, whether they be professional, sexual, romantic, or within your family. if you are being taken for granted, it may be time to begin honing the boundaries you need to ensure you are not getting the short end of the stick. as you create those boundaries, remember to make room for the shifts you are undergoing on a spiritual level. make sure there is enough room for you to lean into the magic that is pulling at you and for the expansive knowledge that is beginning to make its way into your life. make enough room so you may build a relational life that is a salve for any disillusionment or weariness you may be grappling with.


kindness is wonderful, but not when it shackles you to relationships and labor that do not honor you.



let the deep truths scorpio is offering you about your career and what to expect from it rise up, dear aries. is your work pulling you deeper and deeper into alignment with yourself or does it have you raging against something you are very unlikely to change? wherever we find scorpio in our chart we are called to resist drama and volatility and simplify. is it time to simplify something about your work life so it works better for you? also allow scorpio to remind you of the deep bonds you are creating and the maintenance they need if they are to continue bringing magic and transformation into your life.


reminder that outside of the intense bonds and hard work you may be called to do, you are worthy and you are enough. look closely at anything in your life that may be undermining that truth and begin getting spacious and expansive about alternative options. dream big and wide, look at all the possibilites and potentials, and see if a new path unfolds before you that you have not even considered.


as jupiter settles into the place in your chart where alchemy lives, remember that getting spacious for the magic coming your way means some things may have to be released. scarcity may need to be released. the urge to hustle for the sake of hustling may need to be released. fear that the universe will not provide for you may need to be released.
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