horoscopes for the week of december 4

horoscopes this week dedicated to saturn & mercury, my protectors and beloveds. 

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discipline creates spaciousness. 

saturn is the grandmother within us encoded with the truth of themselves. who has already lived this life a couple of times and knows who they are outside the conditioning that is a part of being human. grandmother is patient, but when they speak, the universe stops to listen.


because there is such little space given to grandmother we often treat them as a nuisance, someone to pander to until they leave. but as all those wise enough to listen to their elders know, saturn-grandmother is a blessing. their strength is deep and true. they allow us to be realistic about the limits of our life and to learn how to compensate. they are willing to stand side-by-side with us, helping to build up whatever we dream of. they remind us that obligation is an honor, not a burden; and that as we have been tended to, there are those who need our tending.


as mercury visits saturn in their last degrees of sagittarius before moving into capricorn, now is the time to reflect and prepare for saturn’s two and a half years stay in capricorn. for many this will mark the start of their saturn return, their time to cross the threshold into adulthood and into the rest of their lives. if your saturn return will begin on the 19th may you be blessed and may you have the wisdom to prepare for saturn’s blessings. regardless of age, we will all feel saturn while they are in capricorn. may we also have the wisdom to prepare for saturn’s blessings.


what rituals and routines soothe you?
how do you know when it is time to rest? what does guilt-free rest look like to you?
where are things a bit too messy for your liking? are you willing to invite saturn into these places so you can begin reworking the current structures you have in place?
when saturn weighs heavy on you, where can you find support? (especially if you are entering your saturn return finding folks to lament/conjure/process with can be a gift.)


goddess asteroid lilith has already been working in capricorn, awaiting saturn to join her. lilith is the part of us who cannot stand oppression and who bristles at the thought of not being exactly who she is and doing exactly what she wants. when she does not get what she needs she can become rage and frustration. listen to your feelings, for they can show you how to make room for saturn as well. if you have been particularly stressed or under pressure, listen, for it is likely saturn is already calling attention to what needs to be reworked so you can find a bit more space to breathe.


again, saturn is a blessing. trust that they are devoted to you. trust that they cherish you, for they work on behalf of your freedom. have faith!


as with mercury, if saturn is a planet that you have misunderstood or projected onto, now is also a good time to heal your relationship to them. simply making peace and allowing these planets to work with you can make them your allies instead of your adversaries. mercury retrograde allows us to review, rethink, and rearrange before barreling forward into the future, we need mercury retrograde so we do not ‘skip steps’ along our paths. and beloved saturn-grandmother is distant and wise, and yes, from time to time a nuisance. but, without saturn we simply could not build the worlds we need. we would not have the discipline to work toward the lives we deserve.


most importantly, there is no separation, these planets exist within us. saturn is the part of you who knows a thing or two and is trying to get all your other parts to wake up and realize that discipline creates spaciousness, and if it creates spaciousness then discipline must also create freedom. and if all parts of us want to get free, which i do believe, then saturn is just the part of you pushing you to get on with getting free.


and getting free takes hard work.


blessings and blessings,






a mantra for some ease,


i am blessed and highly favored.
every particle in the universe vibrates toward my joy. 
it is going to be okay. 
i am going to be just fine. 
this i believe,
and this i repeat.


take what works, leave what does not, and make sure to read your sun, rising, and moon sign. 



how do you support yourself in the midst of confusion and uncertainty? where can you find space to allow yourself to unfold as you need? saturn is a glorious teacher and what they offer you is a reminder to operate on your own timeline and to wander as long as you need. and while much may remain murky, after two years in your tenth house of career, what has become clearer to you regarding your work in this lifetime? rejoice in what has solidified even if the only certain thing is how you are deeply uncertain. what is left for you to clear up with your work and career? are there any family and home shifts that need to occur so you can have enough room to vision as you need and embrace the work you may want to do on behalf of your people?


offer praises to saturn for they will work closely with you to shape your visions of the world into something you can make into reality. invite saturn into your life so you two may be in alliance with each other, both working to uncover how you will serve humanity. before saturn arrives to this place in your chart on december 19, try to get spacious. acknowledge what is clear and what remains murky, feel where saturn has already begun to draw your attention, for they may have already been sending you hints of the work you will do together over the next two years. build up your trust in saturn and your trust in the structure they bring, the discipline they demand, and their reminder that you must honor time if you intend to make your incredible dreams reality. trust that you are being initiated into visionary work that you will need to guide us forward into the future.


do not let saturn’s harshness (from time to time) strip you of your joy and creativity. do not get so wrapped up serving the collective you forget to honor your self and your needs. honor the divine child within you. do not let any planet or person or being rush you, take your time.


reminder: it is okay to not know your self. it can take a lot of energy getting stuck trying to figure out who you are, but is it necessary to your ability to dream? your ability to heal? your ability to love? your ability to be of service to others? again, trust that simply by living your life the universe will let you know what is in alignment with you and what is not (is that not how you have always learned yourself?). release into this trial and error of life, for there is only so much planning you can do.


get comfortable with the in-between.
(re)create ritual that soothes you and brings you joy.
cultivate a practice of presence (not future, not past, but here).


even in the not-knowing you are worthy of your sweet embrace. you are worthy of devotion and adoration and you are worthy of a people who share your ideals and who cherish you. you deserve healing.



words can be an incredible weapon, use them well. use them to speak truths that need speaking. shape them into arrows of divine truth that can light the paths toward liberation for all those fortunate to experience the words you have to share. let your beliefs in what is fair and right in the world propel you toward work that honors your truth and has room for your way of seeing things. of all the information swirling around you, what beliefs are beginning to (re)solidify? what pearls of wisdom have you been working with that you may now be ready to share?


continue entering into divine partnership with your hidden self. the self so unknown you may just be getting to know their dreams, just getting to know how deeply they crave the divine and something bigger than your disappointment and disillusionment. they have much to teach you for you will need faith if you are to find ease in the fullness of your self. you will need faith if you are to (re)turn to the truth that no matter how many times you fail, how many lives you do not change, how many of your visions do not manifest, that you are more than enough.


cultivate faith not only that you are enough but that the universe is also enough. you exist within abundance and it surrounds you, it may take a shift in perspective for you to see it though. let faith offer you a place to return to ease, stability, and security. allow it to draw you into deep relationship with your body, which has its own cravings and pleasures and knowledges. pray for the financial, emotional, and energetic resources you need, for the universe does provide.


when you allow yourself to create out of curiosity and exploration you heal others in the process. when you are honest about what excites you, you bring yourself closer to the soul-friends and community that can see you in your fullness and hold you joyfully. as you put your message into the world, do not forget to be playful, for you have nothing to prove.



dear one, while saturn has been submerged in your waters what wisdom has your beloved offered you? what have you learned about your inner magic and power that few may be able to see? how have you begun to come into communion with your soul? use mercury’s retrograde to solidify any faiths, rituals, and magic crafts that have found a way into your life over the last two years. solidify any boundaries that remain murky (especially in your loverships).


conjure up the magic you have gathered and ensure it is solid enough for you to draw on, for dear one, saturn is breaching your surface and rising anew. your beloved has worked closely with you to remove fantasies, misunderstandings, and illusions that took up precious space in your life so you understand who you are with more clarity. saturn will help you come into deep awareness of your ego, that part of you that says, “i am!” that part you must honor if you intend to be free of the other manifestations of your ego which do not serve you. you are being initiated into a divine communion with yourself that will be the foundation from which you attract people into your life from this moment on.


when saturn’s work grows heavy on you, remember how to be a good lover to yourself. remember those things that bring you ease and joy. allow the thoughts to rise and allow them to flow away. let your unspoken words, those too heavy to speak, transmute themselves into other forms of expression. you are unfolding dear one, do not rush your process grasping for clarity that is simply not yours to have yet.


above all, keep choosing you. no matter where that choice ends up taking you, no matter how freaky you discover yourself to be. you are too divine to deny any part of your self.



what is rising to your surface regarding your friend groups, commitments to liberation, and visions for the world? what dream keeps tugging at you and refuses to let you go?


yes, there is much to handle in the here and now and can you make space to allow your yearnings to become a bit more realized?  hold tight to what is stirring deep inside of you even while you must show up (and show up). honor the limits of your emotional, energetic, and financial resources so you know when to say no. and if you desire more resources, what magic will you need to manifest them?


there is a difference between luck and the magic i speak of. this magic may take your devotion, focus, and intention. it may take your discipline, commitment, and communication. it may demand your hard work and offerings. this magic needs saturn. and perhaps there is some luck involved for on december 19 saturn will work closely with you to get serious about your resources and how to create more of them upon this earth. saturn will call you to find true comfort for you and yours. saturn may even call you to (re)turn to the divine earth mother and the comfort she has always been willing to offer you. saturn may show you that pleasure can be ritual and ritual can be deeply pleasurable.


use mercury retrograde to get spacious for saturn’s move into capricorn and your second house of resources. but perhaps more importantly, give thanks for the blessings saturn has already showered upon you while in your first house of self. what has solidified about who you are? what truths about your identity have settled deeply into you? how has your relationship to yourself, and to others, shifted as saturn invited you to vibrate at your own incredible frequency? honor saturn, for they have cherished you and will continue to do so.



what is beginning to bubble up from your depths, dear scorpio? which parts of you that you turned away from are beginning to make themselves known again? what yearns to be created by your hands? what divine beings are calling you to new horizons and new knowledge so you may continue crafting the career that allows you to nourish and be nourished so you can thrive?


saturn has been working to remind you of your power and worth. they have been calling you to (re)turn to abundance over lack and to see possibility in the emptiness. if you are feeling a bit stronger about your place in the world, if you are beginning to see the blessings which surround you, if you have learned to honor your financial, energetic, emotional, and spiritual resources, give thanks for saturn, for they have worked hard with you over the last two years.


use this mercury retrograde time to give thanks to saturn and to prepare for their move into your third house of communication. saturn’s work in your third house is a blessing, for saturn will pull you into a deeper understanding of the power of your words and how to use them responsibly. you will be called to speak honestly and clearly, and to speak the truths that need speaking from a place of compassion.


cherish saturn, for their devotion to you is without compare.



over the last two years what have you learned about speaking, sharing, listening, and expressing? what words made their way out of you that needed to be spoken? how have you come into clarity about your relationship to communication and how to be well in the sea of information we are often inundated by? what beliefs have been stirred up so that you can return to them with a bit more wisdom and certainty? if there are some gratitudes to offer up to saturn in your third house of communication, now is a great time to do so.


in this in-between time before saturn enters capricorn and your fourth house of family, home, and sanctuary, make room for saturn, who cherishes you. they are the discipline and structure you need to create an oasis for yourself in this world. they are the hard work you will need to devote yourself to if you are to find ease and peace with your mind, if you are to heal family wounds that continue to repeat themselves in your life. they are the wisdom that will remind you that you ought to call on your ancestors (and they need not be related to you by blood). it is saturn who will give you the strength to create the family life you truly deserve on this earth and it is saturn who will show you the depth of your strength. what a blessing.


revel in the newness that is rising up within you.



pause and breathe for a couple moments, dear virgo. when the mind chatter has begun to slow, call to mind, if you are willing, what your life is full of. reflect on where there is spaciousness, joy, and ease. who are the people teaching you the fullness of the word family? who are you beginning to find home in?


what a blessing saturn is, for they have been working side-by-side with you for the past two years to build a home you can truly find sanctuary in. they have been (re)introducing you to the powerful tenderness of your ancestors, and reminding you that relationships, especially in the home, can be hard work. but is there anything quite as sweet as a peaceful oasis to return to? and perhaps the peace you have been cultivating is within yourself, as you have worked (and worked) to create more ease with your mind. is there anything quite as sweet as a peaceful mind? bless.


from the solid foundation you are building, what are you ready to begin sharing? as you build confidence in your stability, where can you begin to be a bit audacious? what needs your truths? what (or who!) is begging to be birthed by you? if you intend to put your creative visions into the world, you are going to need structure, discipline, and a schedule supple enough to hold all the things—you are going to need saturn. and there they will be, continuing their work with you, this time in your fifth house of creativity, joy, and radiance. and it will be work, for saturn in capricorn does not rest on any laurel or await any luck, they come up with the goal, structure, and timeline to make it so.


use this mercury retrograde time to give thanks to saturn and simply rest in the sanctuary you have worked so hard to build. can you, for even the span of a breath, allow yourself to be fully present in what you have? whether that is a warm, happy home or a calm(er) mind, praise! for your labors here were likely difficult.


meanwhile, continue your joyful ritual, continue returning to your altar, continue communing with your witch baes, continue crafting co-rituals with your lovers, and continue finding peace.


may you have more money, more pleasure, more sweetness, and more contentedness.



how has saturn showed you the path toward unshakable radiance and joy, dear leo? what have you learned about the magic of your creativity (including procreativty)? how have you grappled with your creative limits and learned to compensate for them so you can still manifest what you desire in the world? what blessings are making their way into your home because of the work you have invited saturn to do solidifying your security and expressing your truth? give thanks, for saturn has been devoted to you and will continue to be devoted to you when they move from your fifth house of creativity to your sixth house of wellness, healing, and service to others on december 19.


you are being invited to use your immense creative power to serve others. you are being called to release the parts of your ego which block you from selfless service. you will be called to release desire for applause for its own sake and to truly find joy in being useful to other beings. you are being initiated into healership, dear one. and of course, if you intend to heal others, you must also heal yourself, which saturn will also call you to do.


healing is not so easy. use this mercury retrograde time to begin preparing for saturn by crafting rituals to support your process. return to any wellness routines that serve you but may have fallen to the wayside. create space for yourself to contemplate and process and integrate all that rises up while you work deeply with saturn. find more ways to be near nature, for that is an incredible salve for any weariness associated with the sixth house. begin thinking about ways to restructure your daily work and schedule for efficiency not so you produce more necessarily, but so you have more time for easeful rest. perhaps most importantly, cultivate a relationship to your rest that is guilt-free and generous, for you have a right to rest whenever you need.


you have a right to rest whenever you need. 



what wisdom has saturn shared with you about the power of ritual to soothe an active mind? how have you learned to hustle a bit smarter and with a bit more focus? what has saturn taught you about the limits of your body and your health? recall the hard lessons you may have had to learn about your ebbs and flows and how important it is you honor your need, and right, to rest. praise saturn, for they have been initiating you into a deeper kind of healing so you may birth your beauty, wisdom, and creativity into the world.


use saturn’s work in your sixth house of daily work to continue manifesting a career that allows you to create sanctuary and ease for yourself and your people. allow your home, childhood, and yearning for family to fuel you in your work and remember—you must rest! trust your timeline and your body, the key is balance.


continue reflecting on what you have learned about how to be well in your body, spirit, and soul, for saturn will leave this place and turn their attention to who you share your Self with in your seventh house of committed relationships. saturn sees you, perhaps better than you see yourself, and if your relationships are structured in a way that does not suit you, saturn will let you know. whether that is pleasant or otherwise, who can say, but you can be proactive about saturn’s move into capricorn dear one. while mercury is retrograde think of your current committed relationships, romantic or otherwise, and be honest if there are some shifts that would suit you better. no need to act, for mercury retrograde is time for review. allow yourself to reflect on the state of your relationships and what structures you have consented to, either intentionally or not, and begin allowing yourself to dream up other structures that may work for you.


what a blessing, for you are being initiated into divine loveships and commitments. what you learn about relating over the next two years can serve you for the rest of this lifetime if you are willing to do the work that saturn in capricorn promises to offer you. saturn is in its power in capricorn and if you intend to receive their blessings, it is best you make room for discipline and commitment now. remember, discipline creates spaciousness.


how will you support yourself through potential relationship ish? what structures do you need to create to care for yourself while committed to others? how can you model the kind of love you need with compassion? which of your boundaries need to be bolstered? how are you actively making room for yourself to unfold no matter who you are entwined with?


most importantly, rest, dear one! you need not consent to anyone else’s timeline, even saturn’s.



relating with another is no joke. committing to another and consenting to be held accountable by them is no joke. it can be incredibly difficult work and there is an alchemy to loving commitment which leads you deeper into your magic and truth. with saturn in your house of intimate relationships, romantic or otherwise, for the last two years, what have you learned about the power of divine relationships to set you free? how has saturn taught you, perhaps the hard way, that discipline creates spaciousness? what may finally be coming to fruition in your committed relationships? and even if you are crafting compassionate endings, what has the hard work taught you?


if you are now ready to sink even more deeply into the alchemy of partnership and merging, allow saturn to illuminate all that blocks you from communion with your own body (and thus, communion with others). allow saturn to pull up the memory and trauma that shuts you off at the moment the divine most yearns for you to open up. allow your fear of true merging, of true commitment, to guide you to the healing arts, for they are well aligned with your work. when you are called to address the painful separations of your past, remember that saying sorry or getting the closure you need is key to creating more space for your work.


when saturn demands you face your shadow, answer their call as best you can. and when you cannot bear the thought of it, rest. even saturn must submit to your timeline dear one. and remember that saturn is a part of you, not separate from you. and saturn, as hard as they can be, only wants your freedom. they are holding onto so much wisdom for you, waiting for you to be ready.


trust the universe, for it cherishes you and wishes you no harm.



how has saturn guided you in aligning your creative will with your call to serve? through the risks, restructurings, and upheavals, what has risen up from your deepest places to meet you? can you feel the confidence that comes with knowing yourself deeply? or at least knowing that little can stand in your way once your mind is made up? offer up praises to saturn for the deep confidence they have been building with you over the last two years. give thanks for the deepening of your relational life and the ways you have begun to weave the divine into all of your relationships. give thanks to the healing arts that have found their way to you, for they will support you for a long time to come.


use this mercury retrograde time to prepare for saturn’s move into your ninth house of belief and higher knowledge, for now is the time to continue cultivating your faith that the universe works on your behalf. now is the time to expand your horizons and consent to your life journey, obstacles and all. now is the time to transmute your personal rituals into a faith that you can share with others. it is now time for you to acknowledge your wisdom and to humbly grow spacious to make room for more. allow your curiosity and your yearning to guide you to the wise ones in this lifetime who can show you things you never imagined. are you willing to journey? are you willing to believe?


you have a right to relate to the divine in a way that serves you regardless of how you were raised (and perhaps you want to return to the faith of your childhood, this time on your own terms—that is your right too). you have a right to seek out the knowledge that will soothe you, and dear one, if it lives within the halls of a university, that is okay too.


trust saturn, for they are the part of you determined to get free. saturn in capricorn is going to call us all to grind for what we want, remember to trust. what ritual and magic will you turn to when you are uncertain you can go on? how will you root into the knowledge your body carries? what technologies and modalities do you have that allow you to move energy through your body?


have faith.


after two years in your ninth house of belief and higher knowledge, what have you learned about allowing your spirit to guide you on your life journey? how has your relationship to faith and magic shifted? what is different about the way you see the world, and how you see yourself traveling through it? i pray after two years with saturn working closely with you to call you back to your journey through this lifetime, that you are filled with strength and faith, and if not that, that you are filled with deep yearning. saturn is drawing you onto the path of your calling so that you may journey toward deep clarity about the work you are here to do in this world.


use this mercury retrograde time to give thanks to the parts of you willing to hear saturn’s wisdom. give thanks to saturn for the hard work they have done, and will continue to do, alongside you. if you have found faith in the universe, give thanks! if you have found something to trust in and keep you going, give thanks! use that faith to prepare yourself for the work of crafting your work, because saturn in capricorn teaches us that discipline creates spaciousness. you are likely going to have to work your ass off to manifest what you desire career-wise. if you reap the fruits of your labor it will be because you found a way to support your grind and maintained your focus, not because you got lucky.


remember that saturn lives within you and is the part of you willing to work tirelessly to get free. how can you support that self? when will you know that self needs to slow down in rest? what work structures will you create to make sure there is balance? when weariness sets in, when a obstacle threatens to sink you into despair, what will offer you comfort?


remember your faith, remember the universe holds you and can see you through all trials.
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  1. norma 12/06/2017 at 5:29 pm - Reply

    i wrote a poem last night (before reading this) and i would like to share:
    my depth is non-negotiable
    my depth is nondecipherable
    i cannot guarantee
    i cannot promise
    a firm sense of security.
    what i can offer, however,
    is space, dialogue
    i can offer gentleness
    to balance your hardening
    i can offer reflection
    to see what’s been hiding
    in your depth, in your shadows.
    i cannot promise that it will be pretty
    or that you will be comfortable
    i cannot promise light
    at the expense of darkness.
    but i can provide patience
    i can bare the purge
    for it will challenge (hurt).
    if you decide to begin, and
    to stay aware of your process
    i invest in healing. shifting. emerging.
    so as long as we do not look away.

  2. pamgasm 12/07/2017 at 11:02 pm - Reply

    girl i love you thank you so much and when i get some money im def donating

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