dear one,

happy new year! it has been a minute, no? i have spent the last month (or so) slowing down and nourishing myself as best as i can. it has been an extremely pleasurable time, and i am doing well.

writing you has never been far from my mind, and i have written many many horoscopes that never made it to you. i write and write, but the words are not falling into alignment the way i like.

so, for now, the horoscopes are on pause as i continue to be deep in my process and continue settling into this magnificent work. that said, chart readings are still happening and have been particulalry luscious for me.

last wednesday’s full moon in leo was wondrous and dramatic. in the brilliant, revealing light of that moon i remembered a couple of things—

  • nourishment does not always mean the same as easy, or even pleasurable. sometimes the things that would nourish us take a lot of work to bring into our lives and may even be uncomfortable to make happen.
  • when i make boundaries with myself about how i show up in the world with intention, integrity, and honor i feel powerful and sturdy. i used to think boundaries were ways you told (perhaps demanded?) other people to engage with you, and lord knows attempting to control others is futile! but myself? i usually have more luck there.
  • i have an impact on people, and if i am willing to acknowledge that impact and begin to hone it and focus it, i can align my personal power with the needs of the collective.

where do you have an impact, whether you plan to or not? this eclipse season has felt like a call to tap into our personal brilliance, (re)set boundaries with ourselves to walk in our integrity, and make our ideals into reality by getting deep with our own work and finding our people.

or, as Attar writes in The Newborn:

Muhammed spoke to his friends
about a newborn baby, “This child
may cry out in its helplessness,
but it doesn’t want to go back
to the darkness of the womb.


And so it is with your soul
when it finally leaves the nest
and flies out into the sky
over the wide plain of a new life.
Your soul would not trade that freedom
for the warmth of where it was.


Let loving lead your soul.
Make it a place to retire to,
a kind of monastery cave, a retreat
for the deepest core of being.Then build a road
from there to God.Let every action be in harmony with your soul
and its soul-place, but don’t parade
those doings down the street
on the end of a stick!

Keep quiet and secret with soul-work.
Don’t worry so much about your body.
God sewed that robe. Leave it as is.

Be more deeply courageous.
Change your soul.”

translated by Coleman Barks


i miss you!

happy eclipse season and happy mardi gras,



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