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Naimonu James is a healer based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Astrology is their main tool for now and they are currently building practices involving yoga, aromatherapy, plant spirit medicine, and energy work. They have two dogs and one partner who they are currently rooting with. If you have any questions feel free to send them a note at naimonu@naimonujames.com. Photo by Eva Wo.

i believe astrology can allow us to become our best selves.


i believe it can be the vessel that allows us to get real with ourselves and with others.


i believe astrology can empower the weak, the unheard, and the marginalized.


i believe astrology reminds us to root into something larger than ourselves, larger than our demons, and larger than our oppressors.


i believe that with astrology, we can unearth the jewels we need to live the lives of our dreams—to live the lives we deserve to live.


i believe astrology can allow us find our joy.


i believe astrology can ground us into our bodies and the parts of us that need attention and caress.


i believe that working with the body is key to working with the mind.


my astrology is queer, femme, and black.


it is also limited. i make no claims to the truth. and my interpretations whether they be chart readings or horoscopes are not a substitute for therapy or medical treatment. take what works for you, leave what does not. and you can always send me your thoughts, concerns, and feedback, let me know what you think! feedback@naimonujames.com