barters and trades 2018-01-02T16:09:19+00:00
hello! i appreciate your interest and trust that if we are meant to work together it shall be so!  below is a list of things i am open to bartering/trading, if what you have to offer is not on this list, worry not, just send me a note at and we will go from there.


in no particular order


artwork, jewelry, access to retreat/land/farm/sacred spaces, photo shoots, musical instruments & lessons (in particular harmonium, banjo, guitar, harp, and/or tibetan singing bowls), singing/voice lessons, driving lessons (new orleans), dog walking (new orleans), meals (new orleans), housing when i travel* (people of color only), knowledge trades (especially herbalism, farming/gardening, reiki, (restorative) yoga, energy and sound healing, somatics, and/or deep listening).


*if you are open to bartering housing (thank you!) please fill out this google form so we can figure it out!