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Taking it deeper—

a chart reading will aid you in getting intentional and aware about major patterns and lessons in your life and can offer great insight into what makes you you. 

i start every chart reading with pluto and the nodes which allow us insight into the soul purpose and transformational possibility of your chart, then i focus on the goddess asteroids which allow us deeper insight into your relationships to genius/pattern recognition, rage & betrayal, repressed trauma that needs to be reclaimed, and the divine feminine.

if you opted for the 60 or 80 minute reading i pause for any questions you may have and then we look at any major upcoming transits that may impact you.

if you opted for the 80 minute reading we will also look at your solar return, a special chart that gives insight into your life over the next year.

i give (or mail)  my hand-drawn version of your chart plus my notes and interpretations to you at the end of your 60 or 80 minute reading. folks who signed up for the 40 minute reading can receive their hand-drawn chart for $15.

most importantly, i am your vessel during our time together and what we discuss is totally confidential. you craft the space you need and i support it as best i can.

if you need a reading, please do not let the price stop you. email me at and we will figure something out.

blessings and blessings,